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Friday, May 15, 2009

A real Black Celebration

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No, not the political kind, but rather the Depeche Mode kind. Which kinda gives you an idea of how diverse Walski’s world is.

Remember what Walski mentioned in this post a few weeks ago, that there was something else up with Depeche Mode?

Well, that something else is a listening party organized by Twilight Actiongirl (aka TAG, via Facebook), in conjunction with Warner Music Malaysia. And Walski’s involvement with this? He’ll appear as a Guest Panda in tonight’s one-off, one-time-only appearance of an expanded version of The Panda Head Curry? performance, in conjunction with the event. The following is from the TAG Facebook event page:

TWILIGHT ACTIONGIRL celebrates the arrival of Depeche Mode's "Sounds of the Universe," the legendary group's 12th album. As the only credible New Romantic survivors, Depeche Mode has constantly updated their dark and seductive sound, winning them successive generations of loyal fans. Oh you must know such boring trivia, right? Otherwise, DM would be a Genting Highlands nostalgia act. Back to the new album, then. We hear that it has been hailed by some daun ketum junkies as their best work to date, has an abrasive, retro analogue synth sound consistent with their recent material. In truth, it does rock. That leads us to TAG rolling out a night of black celebration with moody and darkly sexy DM classics on the decks and on stage. Strange highs and strange lows guaranteed. Don't ask us how much is a taxi ride back to Basildon, mind.

PANDA HEAD CURRY, playing a one-off DM-inspired set, will be taking their satirical and surreal original material on stage. Expect a live set with a sinister twist and maybe, a DM cover or two. Of course, TAG is due a motherlode of DM mayhem for the dancefloor. First to the left, back to the right, twist and turn until you got it right ...

(source: Facebook)

Details of where and when tonight in the full post.

It may come as a surprise to you, but the real person behind the facade that is Walski is actually multi-talented, if he doesn’t say so himself… Not quite Walski of Sound, but who knows… maybe that will be coming soon, too. 
(event details, and more, in the full post)

So, in any case, here’s the lowdown on tonight’s listening party.

When: Friday, May 15, 2009 starting at 10:00pm
Where: BarSonic, Zouk KL

Rumor has it that Warner Music has some Depeche Mode giveaways, but this is unconfirmed. Then again, rumors are just that – unconfirmed news.

The listening party is in conjunction with the release of DM’s 12th album, Sounds Of The Universe, which Walski had blogged about earlier.

Nevertheless, tonight should be fun… but being that this is The Panda Head Curry? we’re talking about, be prepared for some insanity. Bonus, if we don’t get kicked off stage after the second song…