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Saturday, November 11, 2006


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No, Walski's not talking about the New Jersey rock outfit, nor is he directly referring to the Mongolian model they found - or what's left of her.

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No, nothing like that at all.

When Walski looks around him, sometimes all he sees are lies being perpetuated for the sake of chaos, animosity hurled for personal political gain, chains being put around our minds in fear that our horizons become broad enough to resist the mindless dogma that's constantly being forced-fed into our lives. Great for some... rotten for most.

Whatever good that's left, is slowly rotting towards an unceremonious demise. To be buried without a parting prayer, in a grave with no marker. All that's left is a memory - and that too fades with time.

And when there's no other place to seek refuge, no other place to run to, a sickening feeling starts to envelope Walski's psyche. Accept or die. Accept, and have your insides die. Either way, kiss your individualism and uniqueness goodbye. Your destiny is to join the collective... "resistance is futile", say the Borg.

Life, as Walski knows it, is slowly being blown to smithereens.

Bit, by tiny little bit.

And because of that, this song was born. The first song Walski's written in close to two decades. What genre is it? Don't know (it's not Gamelan)- Walski doesn't like compartmentalized genre-lization... You decide.

by Walski of Sound (5:48 min)

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(Lyrics in the full post)

Walski does hope that there is more in life to look forward to, ever being the optimist. But the situation right now does leave a lot to be desired.
(Smithereens lyrics in the full post)

©2006 - music & lyrics - Walski of Sound

Looks like it's the beginning
Beginning of the end
The world around me crumbling
What lies around the bend

A wall of lies beseech me
A sea of tears wash by
In smithereens our future
In front of my two eyes

To what can we look forward
When everything ain't right
When nothing compensates
Things lost and gone forever

On whom can we rely
Redeem what we have lost
Piss away the future
Kiss our fate goodbye

Deceit and skillful cunning
No quarter for you nor I
Just left there by the wayside
To rot and left to die

In smithereens our world now
What pieces left don't fit
And what they think is paradise
Our hell, a bottomless pit

Fear, incite
Hate, despise
Open eyes, open wide
Foolish pride
Shameless lies
Open eyes, open wide

Musical geek notes: Smithereens was composed using MODPLUG Tracker (v1.16.0203). Vocals recorded and pre-mixed with Audacity v1.2.4 (using a very crappy mic). Music, lyrics, performance, production (pre & post), and remix by Walski of Sound.