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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A "Prima" on New Media

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This post is dedicated to the bozos who own/run/rule Media Prima, who in turn own/rule/run all 4 of our free-to-air commercial TV stations.

Welcome to the age of New Media, bozos – didn’t your momma tell you that suppression of information is so 20th century? 
(context of this dedication, in the full post)

Earlier today, Malaysiakini via an anonymous source, reported that all the free-to-air TV stations were instructed to not air any footage showing speaker V. Sivakumar being roughly dragged out of the Perak state assembly during the May 7 WWE Slamdown emergency sitting of the assembly. The directive is said to have come from senior management.

Media Prima, a Malaysian media conglomerate, is believed to be closely linked to UMNO, and also has control over several major newspapers in the country. And no, Malaysia doesn’t have anti-trust legislature on the books.

Many Malaysians still rely on fee-to-air broadcast and mainstream newspapers for their source of news.

But such “endearing” images, although newsworthy, may not make it to air because of the potential bad press to UMNO/BN. Such is the old-school thinking of our media moguls, which is today counter-productive and only goes to show how out of touch with the times these people really are.

So, the only “known” remedy? Suppression.

And we’re not talking yet about the video equivalent of Twitpic, Tweetube, that currently caters primarily for the Mac market – but that may change once Windows 7 is finally released late this year or early 2010. To misquote that well known Borg adage: Suppression is Futile.

Oh, well… that’s the way the old media cookie crumbles, Walski reckons.