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Thursday, May 07, 2009

May 7: 1BLACK Malaysia Day

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Updated @ 1519 hrs: see the full post

If you’re in Malaysia, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock someplace, you would know the significance of today, May 7, 2009. It’s the special sitting of the Perak State Assembly, and also 1BLACK Malaysia day, of which Walski is in full support of.

In what can only be described as sheer overreaction, the police in Ipon has gone all out to nab anyone even remotely associated with gathering near the state assembly building. Yesterday, they had obtained a court injunction prohibiting anyone from approaching within 500 meters of the building (source: Malaysiakini).

And today, they made sure that they used the injunction. Like it was going out of style. If they had their way, the police would probably have arrested the whole friggin’ city of Ipoh. So overboard did they go this morning, they arrested an entire restaurant.

9.15am: The police have moved in to arrest people gathered at the restaurant, including people having their breakfast. Many people have been arrested. Exact number of those arrested is uncertain.

The police first allowed those having their breakfast to do so but then soon changed their mind and started arresting them as well.

(source: Malaysiakini - subscription required)

Walski’s pretty sure that if they could, they would’ve taken the entire building into custody. What a bunch of nit wits… 
(more 1BLACK Malaysia, with  updates, in the full post)

As of 10:19 this morning, Malaysiakini reports that a countless number of politicians (opposition ones, of course), members, of the public, and even journalists, have been arrested.

Update @ 1301 hrs:
The situation in the Perak State Assembly turned chaotic this morning… no, make that totally fucked up. BN “installed” a new speaker, the existing speaker said the action was illegal, and a generally loud shouting match ensued… until recess. These fuckers are worse than bratty school kids, Walski tells ya.

First we had MB vs. MB. Now, on top of that, we have Speaker vs. Speaker… madness, sheer madness.

And then we have the arrests: so far, Wong Chin Huat has been arrested on sedition – or was it for going against the fashion police – Walski honestly doesn’t know. This morning also saw news of opposition politicians targeted by the police for arrest. Of course, the butter cake thingy yesterday, too.

Is this to be the hallmark of the Najibocracy era? More updates later, peeps…

Update @ 1519 hrs:
Speaker Sivakumar was forcibly removed from the assembly, “escorted” by unidentified ‘officials’ (suspected to be plainclothes police). If someone had been teleported to the scene, that person couldn’t be faulted to think that the teleport has mistakenly put him/her in Taiwan’s parliament. Pushing and shoving, and even pepper spray has been reported, according to Malaysiakini’s blow-by-blow.

There’s also this shocking photo of Sivakumar being dragged out of the assembly, via The Nut Graph (hat-tip: Geminianeyes, via Twitter):

Image taken from The Nut Graph, hosting by PhotobucketWhen all else fails, use your goons to remove the speaker
(click on image for The Nut Graph report)

Walski's starting to run out of words to describe the utter lunacy that this 1BLACK Malaysia day has become. The situation has simply become too fucking disgusting.

All this could’ve been easily averted. But, of course, Zambry must protect “higher principles” – what those principles are, exactly, no one really knows. The principle of hegemony, perhaps? Or are they Permanent Head Damaged Zambrocratic ideals and brute-force Najibocracy?

And BN really thinks that by carrying on like spoilt brats they can win the people’s support back? They must really be MORE fucked in the head than Walski thought…

Meanwhile senior DAP MP Uncle Lim estimates that the number of people arrested stands at 64, including opposition MPs and state assemblypersons.