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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Help! Microsoft's threatening my religion...

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This wouldn't be funny if it weren't true... and shows how shallow some people's thinking can be. And it really amazes Walski how some Muslims find the littlest of things threatening to them. First it was biscuits, and now... well, read on.

While browsing thru the news on Monday, Walski came across this letter, written by one of Harakah's readers (for the benefit of non-Malaysian readers, Harakah is the media organ of PAS, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party). Walski has taken the liberty of translating this into English, for your Wednesday enjoyment (the original letter, in Bahasa Malaysia, can be found here).

Other religion’s symbology in the computer: What is PAS’s stand?
Hamba Allah

I hope PAS can become more than a political party. PAS not only has to be a political party, but also an active prostelyzation body. Prostelyzing to Muslims, the munafik (lit. hypocrites), and non-Muslims. Besides that, PAS should also become the reference in matters of laws (religious).

It is also hoped that PAS can open itself up to train mujahids (those who struggle in the way of God), because jihad is an Islamic calling (or required servitude).

I ask PAS’s opinion regarding a problem, that is, what is the edict towards using something that has symbols or pictures of other religions, such as the statue of Buddha? This is contained within Microsoft Office, specifically in the clipart, which has images of Santa Claus and statue of Buddha.

It is hoped that PAS can champion this issue, towards, for instance, banning/forbidding Microsoft Office, or even the computer, if such equipment can be made forbidden.

I am very worried because there is discussion about our people who wish to develop an IT system in Medinah. It is feared that Microsoft Office, too, will be brought in. It would be a travesty, should, on the soil of Medinah, idols will once again appear, in the form of drawings.
(source: Harakah)

Truth be told, Walski's first reaction was "WTF?!?".
(further thoughts, and more, in the full post)

Walski would love to have made this up, but unfortunately, it is a real letter, written by someone obviously really concerned. Which is the worrying part.

How is it that some Muslims have become so myopic and jittery, such that the slightest thing is seen as a threat. Threats are seen in biscuits, in clip art on computers - not to mention people of other religions... sheesh.

If it's any consolation, this kind of silliness is not peculiar to Malaysia. It's just peculiar.

So far, no one within PAS has responded. Walski supposes they gotta keep good PR for now... you know, with elections around the corner and all. Wouldn't want to make any sorta rash (or idiotic) remarks, lest they become counterproductive to PAS's election chances.

There is so much more in life to focus on, things more important and pressing. And yet, it's little inconsequential things like these that some Muslims are "concerned" about. Everyone is probably also aware of the school headmaster who went overboard, segregrating the sexes in school, despite it being a co-ed school. Are Muslims going to further devolve until they become Masters of the own Inconsequence?

Walski still wonders, though - how is it that a system of belief, one that helped Europe emerge more enlightened from their dark ages, can devolve to such an extent, such that a book can be considered unclean? Or that images in your computer can erode one's faith. Crosses on biscuits, for that matter... Better watch your step on that tile floor the next time you walk across the room!

Walski, however, maintains that it is not Islam that is at fault - at least not the Islam as the Quran teaches. It's the religion cleverly masquerading as Islam that is to blame.

And like the politician that starts to believe his own spin, many Muslims, it appears, aren't any the wiser...