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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Un-ministering our Insecure Internals

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Bit hat-tips to Howsy, and Jeff Ooi (via CNet Asia).

Apparently, our Internals are so Insecure, the Ministry now even sees humor as a threat to national security.

All Walski has to say is this: get a fucking dictionary (preferably an English Bahasa Malaysia one) and look up the words parody and satire.
(England not my mother tongue, and more, in the full post)

Walski had to clip the article above from Howsy's blog, due to technical difficulties with Clipmarks - the original Wikinews bulletin can be found here. Oddly enough, the only Malaysian media outlet to carry this story was Kwong Wah Jit Poh. Walski reckons no one else thought it was newsworthy.

Seriously, what the Ministry of Insecure Internals has done here is reinforce the idea that Malaysia is fast adopting an Orwellian thought-control regime when it comes to information. Like Zam isn't already bad enough on his own. Who, in their right mind, would even consider Uncyclopedia as anything more than brilliant parody?

Err... apparently our Government does. As if the tagline "the content-free encyclopedia" weren't already a dead giveaway... then again, humor probably escapes these bureaucrats. Especially since England is obviously not their mother tongue...

Real life... always stranger than fiction.