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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Update on Adam Air Flight 574

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The search for the missing Indonesian budget airliner may be nearing an end.

An ABC News report (from late evening January 8) has indicated that pieces of metal have been detected on the ocean floor somewhere in the search area. The following is an excerpt of the ABC News report.

Ships Searching for Missing Indonesian Jetliner Find Metal on Sea Bed

By Zakki Hakim
MAKASSAR, Indonesia Jan 8, 2007 (AP)— An Indonesian navy ship has detected metal on the ocean floor that might be the wreckage of a jetliner that disappeared one week ago with 102 people on board, a top commander said Monday.

A more sophisticated U.S. Navy ocean mapping ship assisting in the search for the Boeing 737 was heading to waters off Sulawesi Island's western coast to do a more detailed survey, said Gatot Sudijanto, a commodore in the Indonesian navy.

(the full report can be read here)

The same news has also been reported by Bernama this morning. More updates will be posted on myAsylum should new developments be reported.