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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another Saddam Hussein video hits the Net

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Walski realizes that this is not something pleasant to report about, first thing on a Tuesday morning, but hey, shit happens.

A second video in relation to the execution of the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, has just been released on the Net. This time it is a video taken from the morgue, presumably where the executed former Iraq dictator's body was taken to, not long after the execution.

From Associated Press (via Yahoo! News):

As the panning shot reaches the head region, the white shroud is pulled back and reveals Saddam's head and neck.

His head is unnaturally twisted at a 90 degree angle to his right. It shows a gaping bloody wound, circular in shape, about an inch below his jaw line on the left side of his neck. His left cheek is marked with red blotches, and there is blood on the shroud where it covered his head.

The video, approximately 27 sec in length appears to also have been taken using a mobile phone camera. The Associated Press news report stated that the video was originally posted on an unnamed Iraqi news website, known for its support for the outlawed Baath Party, formerly led by Saddam.
(Rogue morgue video, and more, in the full post)

Warning: The following video contains graphic content

The copy of the video above, however, was obtained from LiveLeak, the same source from which myAsylum obtained the first video, showing the actual hanging.

The same AP news report also provided a translation to the voices, speaking Arabic, which can be heard on the video:

Voices could be heard on the video. As the shroud is pulled back, one voice says, "Hurry up, hurry up. I'm going to count from one to four. One, two ... . Hurry up you're going to get us into a catastrophe."

Then another voice, apparently the man taking the pictures, says, "Just one second, just one second, Abu Ali. I'm about finished."

Then a third voice says, "Abu Ali, you take care of this."

Abu Ali may find himself in a shitload of trouble, if his identity were ever discovered by the authorities. The fist video created a big outcry, particularly from the Sunni Islam community in Iraq, and is alleged to have added to the already growing sectarian unrest in Iraq.

It is not immediately known why the video was posted, but the AP news report stated that headlining the video was the statement "A new film of the late immortal martyr, President Saddam Hussein". It would almost be a foregone conclusion to state that this second video, if nothing else, will likely add to the mounting sectarian tension in Iraq.

So far, no official reaction has been reported, as at the time of this posting. But it would not surprise Walski one bit if the Iraqi authorities lash out at Abu Ali...