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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's a Conspiracy!

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Yes folks, it is a Conspiracy. Scarier than the toll operators' conspiracy to screw every living sen out of your pocket. Juicier than a glass of lassi squeezed from Sun-ripened cows... and mangoes.

A Conspiracy of loud, eardrum-cracking, decibel-overloaded proportions. You can run, and you probably can hide... but there's definitely no escaping the conspiralific sounds that will be fully unveiled later this month... thanks to the intrepid Ben, and his equally shrewd Bitches.

Okay, okay... silly pretense over... announcing the impending release (and this time it's really, finally around the corner) of

Image hosting by PhotobucketYou can't put a good bitch down... MAMAK CONSPIRACY
Coming soon to a quality music pusher near you...

Fresh from the depths of Walski's in-box, e-speaking to ya from the virtual desk of Disarseter Records' Headbutt-Meister, came this bit of fiesty electronic communique, to announce the release of Ben's Bitches Mamak Conspiracy...

Hey there kiddies!

Firstly a belated Happy New Year/Season's Greetings! 2007 started off well for Disarseter Records, no arrests/stabbings/fatalities.

Disarseter Records Artist Ben's Bitches sophomore LP, MAMAK CONSPIRACY shall be out by the end of the month. We finalized the master last night and will be sending it out for duplication within the next 24 hours. The album will be launched in 2 weeks. This will be followed by a West Coast tour covering KL, Melaka, Penang and possibly Ipoh.

Now, you're probably wetting your pants in anticipation of the aural bliss of a full length Ben's Bitches album. You're wondering, what works of genius and musical composition have they bestowed on the human race? What secret relationship does this band have with Kim Jong Il? What body part/function/fluid has CK written about this time? Do they really prefer silicone over natural?

Well, we at Disarseter Records are a benevolent crew. Yes, indeedy, benevolence is our middle name. Therefore, in this moment of benevolence, we're putting a selection of the songs up for streaming and download. That's right kiddies! FREE DOWNLOAD!

We'll be posting details on where you can purchase this fine work in the near future.

(tracklist, and more bitchy Ben-ness, in the full post)

Yessiree... the good folks at Disarseter have put together a generous sampling of 8 tracks from Mamak Conspiracy, for your listening pleasure. They're listenable, downloadable, and are destined to provide you with lotsa fun and enjoyment - at least until the album release, scheduled for the end of January 2007 (that's this month, in case you just got up from your New Year's Eve stupor).

All in all, 18 tracks have been included in the release (-marked ones are those you can preview at Conspiracy Central):

  • Tensyen
  • Aku Suka Jolok
  • Awek Lu Fit
  • The Cha Cha Ska of Amber Chia
  • (You Make Me Wanna) Conform
  • Bangsar Must Burn
  • Ah Beng Emo Metal Love Song
  • Pensil Besar
  • Cialat
  • Happy
  • Mumbai Superstar
  • Kim Jong Il
  • Juicy Enough For A Squeeze
  • Satan Wants A Cigarette
  • This Is Not A Black Metal Song
  • Girl From Ipoh
  • Meat In The Plastic Bag
  • Anyday With A Gig is a Good Day

... and apparently, one other bonus hidden track (available for preview).

Walski had intended to do a cut-n-paste sampler promo of what you can expect to hear at Conspiracy Central, but the Internet access speed is so, so shitty today, that it'll have to wait. And by the way, many of the songs are in Bahasa Malaysia (or a facsimile thereof)... My, my... what cunning linguists..

Stay tuned to myAsylum... Walski will keep you updated on the actual release details... and maybe the promo, too!