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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Merdeka, 54 years on...

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Original image from Tunku Abdul Rahman, hosting by Photobucket On this day, 54 years ago, an important proclamation was made, signifying the birth of a new nation, at the time called Malaya. The history and events preceding that historic event at Stadium Merdeka over half a century ago may be somewhat contentious, as the contributions of many remain unspoken, or even obscured from public mind-share.

But we’ll leave that aspect of Merdeka for another day.

What Walsksi wants to focus on instead is what was proclaimed on that day, in 1957. It may have been before Walski was born, what was uttered that day is something that all Malaysians should know.

For within the text of the declaration lies something which all Malaysians today should have, but has been made illusive along the historical garden path that we’ve traversed.

That something, in fact, are two important precepts upon which this nation was founded. It is the same two precepts that, as the days go by, seem to become more in theory than in practice. 
(the Proclamation of Independence, and more in the full post)

Proclamation of Independence - 1957

The last paragraph of the proclamation contain these two precepts, principles upon which this nation was declared to be based on – liberty and justice.

Walski wonders, as we advance through the years, do these two precepts still hold true?

It’s something worth pondering upon as we celebrate our 54th year of independence. Personally, Walski thinks that while we still have some semblance of liberty and justice in practice, the true meaning of these two precepts have been forgotten.

Evident from the proclamation is that these two precepts were chosen over the multitude of principles that could have been mentioned. That the two precepts are mentioned as requisites to achieving happiness and welfare of the people is also something worth remembering.

As you ponder this, allow Walski to wish you Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 54... may we one day achieve the goal of being one nation, with liberty and justice for ALL.