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Friday, September 02, 2011

Blogging with Blogsy

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This post is a test of using a different blogging tool on the iPad, called Blogsy. Walski just installed it moments ago, and this is the first test post.

In a sense, it works somewhat like Blogger+, the other tool Walski has evaluated for the iPad. The biggest difference, so far, is that the user interface seems a bit easier to use.

One thing he has noticed, though, is that the paragraph handling is a little bit different.

Probably, what Walski will use this tool for is blogging on the go. Then, similar to how he's used Amplify, come back later to edit the post to its final look and feel.
(other initial thoughts, in the full post)

What would have made this e perfect tool would have been the ability to use the Rich (WYSIWYG) view to do text editing, instead of having to use the Write view, which is also where you'd do your HTML formatting. That said, there are more tools available to ease the usually tedious task of typing in HTML.

For example, the Format tool provides automatic placement of commonly used tags – in Walski's case the Paragraph tag, which he uses regularly.

Another example would have to do with blogging based on a template – so far, it’s kinda worked okay, but Walski has got to create a dummy post containing the HTML code that forms the template, then copy the code to a new post to use.

Still, it looks like uploading a post to the PC for updating and format-repair work is something Walski still can’t quite escape from – for example, the correct look for this post only appeared after editing it on the PC, including the addition of this and the preceding paragraph. Oh, and the next, too.

More posts on the Blogsy experience later...

By the way, if you'd like to know more about this tool, you can check out this review, published by The iPad Fan.