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Friday, May 11, 2007

Travel fatigue makes your brain SMART

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Walski flew back in to KL this morning. And boy, are his arms tired. Okay... lame, old joke. But the trip, all told, was tiring, due to the compressed time schedule. Walski spent almost as much time in the airports and aircrafts, as he did on the ground in the UK, it so happens. Time away from home, 60 hours. The experience of doing this on Economy... priceless. Walski's butt thinks otherwise, though.

Tired as he is, though, Walski still had to go in to the office, since there was a shitload of stuff to do. And whatever brain cells still awake today, had to be allocated exclusively to the urgent work matters pending.

With this one, small exception.

Image hosting by PhotobucketSMART Tunnel to open soon... will it be leak-free?

(tunnels, leaks and more, in the full post)

Now, you are probably wondering - what's the big deal with the Smart Tunnel? So much so that Walski had to utilize his already tired brain cells to think about it so much.

Well, remember the leaky situations we've been having of late? At the new Courts Complex, the Government departments in Putrajaya, and more recently in the house of Parliament?

Call him cynical, but Walski just wonders if the new Smart Tunnel will be 100% leak-free. Granted, few things are more fun than a leaky Smart Tunnel. Fun, that is, provided your vehicle can double up as a submersible transport vehicle. In which case, totally rules Walski's car out - the Walski Mobile is extremely sensitive to water ingress, actually. Definitely gotta get some Q-mods for the car... just in case.

Don't get Walski wrong. The SMART Tunnel project is brilliant conceptually, and hopefully has been built to spec. But being that many things in Malaysia have been built not quite up to expectations, or specifications, Walski sees the opening (finally) of the tunnel with some feelings of trepidation. And while leaky roofs and pipes in a building are a pain in the ass, more than anything else, a leaky SMART Tunnel is your ass. Along the lines of drowning rats in the sewer...

And already, he's thought of a brilliant storyline for a disaster movie...