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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Humpbacks, Homos and the genius of Panda Head Curry?

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Take everything that's sacred and politically correct, imagine the polar opposite, and what you get is Panda Head Curry?

That, by the way, was not a question, you moron.

In any case, this is a belated posting due to Walski's globe-trotting of late (and he does NOT apologize for this). The genius dickheads behind PHC have come out with a full album, finally. Walski could've sworn that when he got the alert from the folks at Disarseter Records, he thought that the album name was One Thousand Humpback Homos.

And soon followed was the terrorific mental image of 1,000 gay Quasimodos shagging each other up the... okay, nevermind. So, the correct album name, as it turns out, is One Thousand Homo Humpbacks. Walski emits a sigh of relief, as he unlocks his anal chastity belt...

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe best ever album that money can't buy

This 14+1 song album is what anyone who's seen PHC live would expect. All the perennial favorites are included in this outing into sheer insane hilarity: Gator Farm, Yahudi, Hey!, Ahab, and of course, Homophobe. Anticipating that no one in their right mind would actually purchase this mad genius of an album, PHC has made the album, in its entirety, downloadable. For free.

Opening track on the album is one song that Walski's never heard before. So, he assuming it's a new number. It's a tribute to Malaysia's longest-serving hair piece in politics.
(lampooning Samy, Humpbacks, and more, in the full post)

Yes, who else, but good 'ol Samy V. Aptly (and lazily) entitled, what else, but Samy. Actually, researchers have found that, if there ever were a nuclear holocaust, only cockroaches, and Samy Vellu's hair piece, would survive. What kind of fucked up researchers came to that conclusion is a question that's frankly quite irrelevant - so don't even ask.

It's literally quite impossible to review material from Panda Head Curry? without sounding like Walski hates their guts, or that their material is crap. Not only is the production raw, like dugong sashimi, and the tracks sound like they were recorded in single takes (which they undoubtedly were), PHC defies the usual pigeon-hole characterizations, and their material... well, you have to listen to it to fully appreciate their genius. Rest assured that once you've listed to this excellent album, you'll never look at a bagel quite the same way again.

And no majority, minority or sacred cow is spared from their lambasting. Even chickens don't escape the intense screwtiny of PHC. Everything, after all, taste like chicken, right?

Best seen live, the only way to describe PHC, and do them justice, is to let the boys themselves show you what they're all about. And no two performances are identical, Walski guarantees you that. Presenting the myAsylum exclusive live video of Panda Head Curry?...

As an added incentive for you to listen to the album, Disarseter Records, the label on which One Thousand Homo Humpbacks is released, has put together a competition with which you stand a chance to win... well, prizes. Go see for yourself. If you're thinking of entering, read the damn instructions CAREFULLY. That's all the help your gonna get from Walski.

In Walski's totally 100% biased opinion, this album is probably the most important, influential and ground-breaking album made available free online, since Nine Inch Nail's Year Zero. But if you're easily offended (you silly twit, you), then it's best to give One Thousand Homo Humpbacks a miss, because no prisoners have been taken here. Just about everyone is lampooned. Including the entire island city-state of Singapore. You don't get much more comprehesive than that, boys 'n gals...

It's not immediately known if the album will ever be seen in music stores (why bother since it's available online), or if it will ever make it to Zainuddin Maidin's Top 100 favorite albums list. Maybe his "never to be played on RTM" list. Just maybe. Can't tell with ZAM these days.

Be that as it may, One Thousand Homo Humpbacks is definitely worth 43 minutes 10 seconds of your sorry existence. It may just make your existence a little less sorrier...

Walski's "If you've read this far" footnote: Panda Head Curry? comprises of the frontmen from 360deg Head Rotation, and Ben's Bitches, both of whice are on the Disarseter Records label. Their live performances have been hailed by many as the best live act since Janet Jackson's wardarobe malfunction.