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Thursday, May 10, 2007

In London... sort of

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As Walski had expected, the photo taking during this trip has simply been abyssmal. No livestock pictures, even.

Image hosting by PhotobucketOn the A12, headed back to Heathrow after the meeting today

No, Walski wasn't driving today. But if he were, it would've been a joy. Driving in the UK is a breeze compared to back home in Malaysia. Great signage, and more importantly, disciplined drivers with whom to share the road.

In a nutshell, the trip has been a success. Customers (4 of 'em) very happy with the outcome of the meeting at the factory, and now Walski has to ensure that the rest of the project is on-track. His project manager is, at present, a little innundated having to manage four projects concurrently. So, Walski has to step in to assist. And making this 48-hour appeasement trip half-way across the globe is just one of those things that form part and parcel of Walski's complicated professional life.

He's not complaining, mind you. Although, truth be told, at this very moment, he's simply beat beyond belief. Just checked into the hotel, about 10 minutes away from the airport, to spend the rest of the stay here, well, resting. Maybe. Need some sleep, and maybe after he might venture down to the city. Maybe.
(hot UK news, and more, in the full post)

In the meantime here are the news snippets that are hot in the UK at the moment, as heard on BBC News moments ago:
More suspects arrested over July 7 London Bombings
The search for the missing English toddler in Portugal steps up
Tony Blair to announce resignation plans

Now, though, it's time for some shut-eye - at least for a couple of hours, then we'll see how the rest of the evening goes... More likely than not, Walski will just hang around the hotel, though. The thought of getting the shuttle bus to the terminal, and taking the tube into London, is just a tad bit daunting at this very moment...