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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Man Who?

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Image from BBC News, hosting by PhotobucketAt the 26th minute of Extra Time, Didier Drogba broke the egg-locked game, and became the scorer of the first goal in the new Wembley Stadium. And with that, Chelsea are placed 3rd, and Man Utd. 4th, respectively, in the UEFA Champions League competition, fitting into Walski's prediction of which team would win. Albeit not quite the way Walski thought it would pan out.

Incidentally, Chelsea also win the English FA Cup 2006/2007. And make it a double for the season, after earlier on winning the Carling Cup. Manchester United, recently crowned EPL Champions, have to settle for the single.

Drogba's goal saved the game from going into a penalty shoot-out, which is always a sucky way to settle a football match, albeit a necessary way. Earlier, an almost goal from Ryan Giggs, if it had been ruled as one, would probably have changed the game's landscape entirely.

Which is not the case with the new Wembley Stadium landscape. Or rather pitch-scape, which looked patchy and very uneven. And this was really the biggest surprise to Walski. Granted, they really had to rush the stadium's completion, which had already suffered from delays.

In any case, Walski is sure, that for Jose Maurinho, the best team won. Finally.