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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wake up and smell the reality....

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It must be nice to be delusional. That innate ability to ignore reality and talk a whole lot of senseless crap.

Walski's been out of the bloggerhood circuit for the last few days... one of those inherrent risks of having to work for a living. And what does Walski find upon his return? Among other things, this bit of crap.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWould crap, by any other name, sound just as stupid?

Like Walski said earlier, it must be nice to be able to pick numbers out of thin air, and just because one is in a particular position of impotence importance, whatever crap one spouts has to be believed. Simply disinformational. Simply delusional. Delusions of grandeur, in this instance.

Glow-balls, Goat-bells, Gerbils, Globe-burls... wake up and smell the reality, dude.
(finding more delusional ramblings, in the full post)

In the case of ZAM, it boggles the mind where the numbers come from. Okay, the 11 million Internet users Walski can almost accept, but 20,000 bloggers writing for each other? It's almost as bad a the other guy who said that there were 10,000 bloggers - mostly female and unemployed - some months back.

But because it's the Minister of Propaganda Information, whatever crap must be believed, right? He must have the Information, for sure. Nevermind that it's incredible, unsubstiated and frankly, unbelievable.

And then, there's Walski's favorite "I resent being called a Conservative" anti-Liberal, with this uber delusional spiel (emphasis by myAsylum):

"So they say that they are going to promote the use of condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS (the lamest excuse I've ever heard thus far). I wonder how they are going to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS among dadah users then (dadah users are certainly not going to bonk one another in order to spread the virus), give them clean needles to poke themselves black and blue?"
(source: The Delusional Stylings of MENJ)

Elfie, Melfi, Ben Gay, Hairspray... wake up and smell the reality, dude. It's called "Harm Reduction", incidentally. But hey, it's your fucking blog... be stupid if you want to... it's your right.

Promoting the use of condoms to curb HIV/AIDS a lame excuse? Of course, he does concede that condom use does help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, but claims that it will lead to other problems. Like people "shagging on the streets". Of course, peppered with unsubstantiated accusations that this is what Liberals want, etc. It's actually people like you that helps puts such a stigma on safe sex - which means that you are, in fact, part of the problem.

Walski supposes that it's not important enough that promoting an effective means of curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS may just save some lives... Nope, simply not important enough.

Must really be fun to be delusional...