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Saturday, May 19, 2007

UEFA Champions League 3rd & 4th Placing

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Updates in the full post

Been a long while since Walski's blogged about football. This post is specifically dedicated to Man Utd and Chelsea fans...

Tonight, EPL's giants will fight it out to determine who gets the 3rd and 4th placings in the UEFA Champions League competition.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWho will clinch the 3rd & 4th places in tonight's battle?

Although officially, the match is being marketed as something else...
(more Liverpool-biased football thoughts, in the full post)

Kinda gives a slightly different perspective to the game tonight, doesn't it? Most Liverpool fans would probably see the game tonight from this perspective, the not-so-well Walski included. The tummy-flu has probably gone to his head...

In any case, the UEFA Champions League actual final will be later this coming week. Now, that is a game to look forward to, although with the Red's form this season, Walski doesn't dare make a prediction. That said, he would, of course, love to see Liverpool win it for the 6th time. Which Liverpool fan wouldn't?

Tonight's prediction? Well, Manchester United has this knack of choking when you least expect them to (remember the return leg at AC Milan?). Chelsea is no pushover either. So, Walski predicts that the game will go the full 90 minutes, another 30 minutes of extra time, then it will be down to penalties, with the Londoners clinching the game. It always sucks when a game has to be decided on penalties.

But hey... shit happens.

So, while the rest of the world watches tonight's game in the comfort of their favorite watering hole, Walski will be viewing it while nursing his stomach-flu suffering self back to full 100% operating condition...

Update @ Half-time (2300 hrs):
The score remains 0-0, in a game described as lacklustre, and played at "strolling" pace. The new Wembley Stadium pitch, which looks surprisingly bad, has been blamed, in part, for the deadlock, thus far. As of Half-Time, Walski's prediction seems spot-on...

Update @ Full-time (2352 hrs):
As of the full 90 minutes (plus change) the score remains deadlocked at 0-0, Walski's prediction still intact. Earlier, at the 58th minute, Paul Scholes (Man U.) made history as the first player to get booked in the new Wembley stadium. The pace of the match in the second half was definitely faster, but neither side could be said to be more outstanding than the other. Okay, maybe out standing in the sun, but as far as football was concerned, both teams were equally lacklustre. And so now we go into extra time... the 3rd and 4th places still undecided.

Update @ 1st 15min ET (0014 hrs):
Ryan Giggs almost broke the egg-lock with a semi-controversial, almost goal in the 14th minute, but it was ruled to not be a goal, and so the game continues into the 2nd 15 minutes...