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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

London calling... collect!

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This has to be the shortest trip to London Walski's ever scheduled to be on. To London and back again, all within 48 hours - more or less.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBetween midnight tonight and Friday morning, Walski will literally be somewhere between points K & L along the red broken line...
(globe taken from Google Earth)

He leaves tonight, accompanies some (potentially upset) customers to a factory/workshop visit to a place about an hour and a half from Heathrow, do the visit, travel back to Heathrow, spend the night at one of the hotels near the airport, then back to KL on the nooner out of LHR.

The good news, for the customers, is that they'll be travelling business class. For Walski, it's the cheap seats... Must get to the airport early to snag an aisle seat... Life in the fast lane, eh? Or passing lane, as some might call it.

Camera in hand, Walski will attempt to take some pictures of the journey, but at the UK side, it's likely to be mostly cars, road signs, livestock, and factories. But Walski hears that some people are actually attracted to livestock, in rather conjugal ways. Gives a whole new mental image to the phrase "So and so is sexy is a sheepish way" or Cowabanga!! Yeah, yeah - baaa-d humor....

So, not sure what the 'Net connectivity situation will be on this trip (except for the hotel, likely none), but if he's connected maybe this blog will get updated.

Meanwhile, the To Do list continues to grow, despite having knocked some line items off...