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Monday, July 03, 2006

"Critical Inking": WoW in pictures

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Looks like Miniscule Erubescent Nefandous Jobbernowl (unlike you-know-who, Walski uses real words) beat Walski to the punch in introducing Auntie Menj's satirical cartoon blog. And the delay in Walski doing the announcement is because unlike certain idiotic egomaniacs, Walski is gainfully employed. Very gainfully. And work takes priorioty, as always.

No matter, because in the process, he has made a total buffoon out of himself. Walski will state the reasons later. But first the matter at hand.

Introducing Critical Inking !!
Yes, this is the silver lining Walski hinted at in an earlier post today. The first two Critical Inking strips debuted on July 1, 2006 (and another one appeared today). The first-ever strip has been reproduced, by Auntie Menj's kind permission below.

Courtesy of Critical InkingCritical Inking debut strip

It is indeed humbling that someone has taken the trouble to document this "war" in cartoons. And from someone claiming to be Walski's fan. How nice...

But, as mentioned earlier, the king of word-abuse posted about it first earlier today. Now, Mr. Know-It-All thinks that Walski and Auntie Menj are one and the same, through the careful divining of his logs. Walski poses this question: why would an alter-ego need an alter ego? To quote him directly from his blog entry (which, by the way, MENJ, if I attribute a cut-and-paste quote to you, I am in no way contravening any copyright law on this planet; only your half-baked understanding of it - unlike your using the "slipper-to-the-face" statement which you did not credit Walski for. Now that's plagiarism.):

"As for Whiskey-boy, he is hinting at his "special surprise", and I am going to make a pre-empt attack and spoil it by revealing his "alter-ego", Auntiemenj. You see, he forgets that while he can only tumpang on Google-owned Blogger, I am hosted on my own paid-for domain hosting and a cursory look at the logs can tell me who created this blog."

(more MENJ bashing in the full post)
In making this incredible leap of logic (something Mutant Mullahs are very good at, by the way), he's only broadcasting a stupid lie to the world. It's one thing to guess and make it sound like a guess, but making such a cocksure statement is something else altogether. Can you spell t-a-k-b-u-r, you infantile clod?

Sure, MENJ pooh-poohs on those that don't have their own paid-for domains. Well, guess what? Your paid-for domain logs have given you enough cursory information to make you look like the egoistic moron you are. And so, for the first & last time - Walski is not Auntie Menj.

Sorry, Auntie Menj... this post was supposed to be about you. It's just that Walski hates arrogant people who are too fat-headed to realize how stupid they really are.

So folks, visit Critical Inking often for updates - Walski's been informed that Auntie Menj's got lots of ideas and therefore more strips to come. And as for the insinuation that Walski can't draw? Ha, ha... just you wait... Whiskey-boy's got a surprise coming for ya....