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Monday, July 03, 2006

Another has been rock band to play KL...

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Image hosting by PhotobucketThe Star last week acclaimed that this event will mark the end of a "dry spell" of good concerts from the international concert circut. Hmmm. A bit over-optimistic, since one concert date does not a dry-spell break.

But it does look like INXS will be hitting Malaysian shores on August 18, performing at Stadium Negara. Unless, of course, certain parties start objecting to the concert being immoral, being against Malaysian culture, etc. It's happened before. And it wouldn't surprise Walski one iota if it does happen again.

The only big name bands that seem to want to play Kuala Lumpur are either the extremely pop ones, or the has-beens. The real worth-watching ones, like Coldplay, seem to prefer giving KL a miss. While it may be a little cruel to label INXS a has-been band, the group really is past its prime, and was at its peak earlier in their career, when Michael Hutchence was still alive and the frontman (see backgrounder in the full post).

Walski's not a big INXS fan and doesn't plan to go to the concert. Especially not if it's at Stadium Negara. The last concert Walski went to at that venue was when Alanis Morissette performed, back in 1996. Stadium Negara was never constructed with rock concerts (or any musical event) in mind. The acoustics at that place are really crappy, and sound just bounces off of every known structure there (which, incidentally is mostly concrete). (INXS backgrounder, and more in the full post)

Backgrounder (source - Wikipedia): The Australian group, apart from lead singer J.D. Fortune, has not changed since its founding in 1977. Michael Hutchence, the original lead singer was found dead in a hotel room in Sydney, an apparent victim of suicide, although there has been speculation that it was an autoerotic asphyxyation session gone wrong. The current lead singer, J.D. Fortune, as you may recall, was found through the reality tv-show Rockstar: INXS.

INXS  Image from WikipediaINXS in their heyday with
Michael Hutchence in the middle

The rest of INXS comprises of: Andrew Farriss (guitar and keyboards), Tim Farriss (lead guitar), Jon Farriss (drums), Garry Gary Beers (bass), and Kirk Pengilly (saxophone and guitar). All five are the original members, having opted to remain as a unit after the demise of Hutchence.

INXS remains as an important cornerstone of Australian Rock history, together with other luminaries, such as AC/DC, The Church, Nick Cave, Midnight Oil, Silverchair and many others.