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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The straightest path to Salvation is to be Anti-Everything!

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Walski's style is to call a spade a spade. Okay, sometimes he calls a spade a shovel instead. But the point is that, if something needs to be ridiculed (for the betterment of mankind), it needs to be done, and done ASAP.

Religion is one of those things that opens itself up to constant ridicule, especially if the religionists in question go overboard. Walski came across this website, thanks to fellow blogger Adam, who runs the ah ok lah! and Auto Lah - Malaysian auto industry news blogs, through his post about a certain hand-sign that some Christians construe as being the hand-sign of The Devil.

The website in question is called Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven!!!

Image hosting by PhotobucketYour one-stop resource to find out what's wrong... which is almost everything

Now, don't get Walski wrong - this is not about comparing Christianity to anything in particular. It's simply that this website ROCKS!! Here, in this treasure trove of the inane, you'll find gems like: (more in the full post)
Rock Music Kills
The Evils of Elvis
Why Christian Rock is equally evil (and not just from the musical point of view)
Doctors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.
FALSE RELIGIONS! (including Catholicism and other Christian sects)
Militant Feminazi
... and countless other "resources" for being a good Christian.

Wow! Gee-whiz! And Walski thought the Mutant Mullahs were bad enough... The evils of Islam, or as the website calls it "Islamic Muslim" (but declined to elaborate what other kinds there were), is discussed in full, of course.

And while one might think that Harry Potter is nothing but harmless fantasy, this site exposes all, with articles like "The Abomination of Harry Potter", "Harry Potter is Wicked", and even has a scary video on the evils of Witchcraft and Harry Potter, which you can view below, or download here (right-click and Save As).

Witchcraft Repackaged (8m 19s)

Well, Walski reckons that there are wackos in every religious demographic, and not one religious extreme can claim exclusivity in idiocy. In fact, there are probably numerous websites similar to this one, just waiting to be discovered.

And the best way to Salvation, according to this particular website? Be Anti-Everything!