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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The PAS Get-RM10k-Richer scheme, and other loony-tunes political stories

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Another day, another bunch of wacky news involving politicians, religiously-motivated silly ideas, and in general a barrel of laughs for Walski.

Wanna be better off by RM 10,000?

The Kelantan sate government, lead by the Pea-brained Assinine Slothmonkeys party, has offered an RM 10,000 reward for any Muslim missionary who marries an Orang Asli, as reported by Bernama, the national news agency. Ha-ha-ha-rakahDaily, it's online paper, however, indicated that this reward was open to all Muslims. The motive, of course, is conversion to Islam.

Image hosting by PhotobucketOrang Asli lasses eagerly await your saving them

Other perks, on top of the ten grand (and a chance to snare one of 'em beauties like in the photo.. heh-heh), include an allowance of RM 1,000 (presumably on a monthly basis), accommodations, and get this: a four-wheel drive vehicle. Walski would love to have a Nissan Murano, thank you very much.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe 2.5L full-spec model will do just nicely - preferably in black

Mrs. Walski, on the other hand, would probably not approve this idea one iota! Actually, make that definitely.

To be fair, the Kelantan PAS Government didn't actually specify what make of 4-wheel drive they had in mind (or specifications for the Orang Asli to be wed). However, doing some simple-minded math, the state government would have to spend a minimum of RM 100,000 in one-off expense, and RM 12,000 per annum, for each taker. Walski didn't realize that the Kelantan state budget was so bountiful.

In other politically harebrained news (as reported in The Star), Minister in the Prime Minister's Office (other than the Prime Minister himself), Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz, has openly "declared war" on Tun Mahathir, by stating that

"Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should leave Umno because he has colluded with the opposition and continued to criticise the Government."

Another newspaper (guess which?) had him saying that the Tun was "sleeping with the enemy". Pretty fiesty words, huh?

Nazri, as you may remember, is also the UMNO party dominatrix whip. His stand has been met with mixed response from UMNO Members of Parliament.

But it is not likely that UMNO will go as far as removing the Tun from the party, as hinded by Nazri. Yup. One the one hand, Nazri is challenging the Tun's manhood, but on the other hand, the party's not so stupid as to make this rash move, which will undoubtedly cause a major split within its ranks; perhaps even leading to something like the UMNO-Semangat 46 split not so many years ago.

Walski thinks this is loony-tunes because instead of focusing on whether or not the criticisms of the Tun are valid, the primary focus is instead on the fact that an UMNO member cannot be critical of the current government. Nazri a firm believer of the "check-in your brain and your conscience when entering UMNO" doctrine. It's party first, last and always. (more lunacy in the full post)

Image hosting by PhotobucketPARTY! PARTY! PARTY!

Sure, Walski likes to party, too. Who doesn't?

But the days of this non-thinking, blindly loyal, party animal have long gone. UMNO's idea of heroes would probably be along the vein of Hang Tuah, the ever-loyal, never-questioning type of loyal subject (in Walski's mind the real hero in the story is Hang Jebat). Nevermind if a party decision is stupid or even not morally correct (remember the Datuk Shahrir incident?).

Image hosting by PhotobucketA more docile & lovable type of Party Animal

Speaking of Shahrir, the PACman vs. Uncle Samy saga seems to be at an amicable end (sort of), as reported in both The Star and The New Straitjacket Straits Times. Both parties agreed that a media war would be futile. However, the PAC would continue its probe into Government compensation of abandoned projects, with or without the Works minister present.

A typical day in the life of a Malaysian would be so mundane without the loons in government and politics providing us with constant entertainment, wouldn't it?