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Friday, June 30, 2006

Gated Communities Got Their Own Problems, Too!

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Yes folks, Walski lives in a gated community. Won't tell you where, but it is a very nice environment to live in. Walski & the Mrs moved here a couple of months ago, as reported in an earlier post.

But like any community, this little gated one does have its own share of minor problems from time to time. The one Walski is about to tell you is a little bizarre. Well, the memo/circular communicating this problem was, at least.

Image hosting by PhotobucketTo be promptly filed under
"Silly & Totally Unnecessary"

To protect the innocent (namely Walski), the identity of the community has been obscured... (highlights and emphasis by myAsylum - grammatical mistakes are from the original memo)

To: All Residents/Owners

RE : Precautionary Measures Against Loss of Fishes

We would like to take this opportunity to inform all owners and residents alike whom already have a fish pond in-place, currently constructing a fish pond or has the intention of constructing one in the future to take additional security measures to safeguard the fishes against loss by means of having a closed circuit TV, motion sensors etc to monitor the fish pond etc.

There were incidents where owners had suffered losses of fishes by small and large amount and it would be difficult to track down the culprit(s) after the fact of the matter as insufficient trace or evidence does not allow investigation to proceed further. For residents that have already comleted the construction of the fish pond and yet to shift-in, we would strongly advise that the residents do not place the fishes in the pond too early and unguarded/unmonitored but to leave it to a later date when the houses is occupied to enable the fish to be closely monitored and perhaps guarded against loss.

Your kind attention on the matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

The Management

Quick! Quick! Call in the CSI team! Unfortunately, our gated community doesn't have its own forensic investigation department.

Both of us really had a good laugh when we saw the memo... Oh well, even in the most secure gated community, fishy things do sometimes happen...