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Friday, June 30, 2006

Kelantan and "My Second Wife Home" Program

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We have all kinds of programs, it seems, to attract rich foreigners to come to Malaysia - Malaysia - My Second Home, Medical Tourism, Eco-Tourism etc. But Kelantan State Tourism Chairman, Datuk Anuar Tan Abdullah may have hit on yet another brilliant idea, when The Star yesterday reported him as saying (in the Kelantan state assembly):

MALAYSIA cannot compete with Thailand and the Philippines in luring foreigners to make the country their second home because Malaysian women cannot be easily influenced to become wives of wealthy foreigners, the state assembly was told.

"The foreigners not only want a second home, they also want a second wife,” state Tourism committee chairman Datuk Anuar Tan Abdullah (PAS – Kota Lama) told Datuk Hashim Safin (BN – Guar Ipoh)

How Datuk Anuar Tan came to that conclusion is anybody's guess. Especially since he added the following:

He also revealed that Kelantan has yet to receive any applications from foreigners keen on making the state their second home.

(full news report can be found here)

Duhhh... many people shun the state to even visit, let alone make it their second home, despite being probably the most polygamy-friendly state in the nation.
(more PAS-bashing in the full post)

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What is it about PAS politicians that they come up with these ludicrous notions and remarks? First it was gatal (Malay: promiscuous or lascivious) divorcees, and now, apparently, Malaysian (especially Kelantanese) women are not gatal enough?

Perhaps they should open up the "Wed an Orang Asli and get RM 10k" program to rich Muslim foriegners. Including the monthly stipend and 4-wheel drive, of course (even the rich can do with a little more).

Or maybe, a totally separate program altogether, where applicants choosing Kelantan to be their second home get a second (or third, or fourth) wife as a package deal. Yeah, Walski can foresee the applications pouring in by the truckloads...

Announcing the Kelantan: My Second Wife with Second Home program.

And these buffons aspire to lead the nation? Puny Air-head Simians, really...

Footnote: Walski really can't wait for Malformed Endoparasitic Neolithic Jackass to spin this one into another (un)funny satire involving Whiskey-boy!