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Saturday, July 01, 2006

FIFA World Cup Deutschland 2006: Predictions So Far (Part 1)

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Image hosting by PhotobucketOne game down - and it looks like Walski's called it, well, wrong, so far. Penalties are an awful, awful way to decide a football match. And that was the way it ended.

At the end of 90 minutes, the score was deadlocked at 1-1, and the extra 30 minutes didn't produce a single goal.

Lehmann was in top form, correctly predicting which side of the net the Argentinian penalties would land. He saved two out of the four penalties, with the last one untaken, since the Germans were 100% on their 4.

Final score: Germany 5 - 3 Argentina (1-1 fulltime, 4-2 on penalties, to Germany). Oh well... good for the hosts. And it looks like Mack called it correctly, after all...

Three matches to go; the next thriller: Italy vs. Ukraine in an hour, give or take.