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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Parodies, Panda-monium and CIJ's Central Market shindig

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One of the better parody pieces Walski's recently found on YouTube is the following short feature, by Adam Kontras (a Columbus, Ohio based multimedia artiste/comedian). It's called Let's Bomb Iran.

The above parody was featured on MSNBC TV in the US in late April of this year...

Another totally unrelated, but absolutely cool parody, this time of Star Wars, was also discovered on YouTube by Walski today. This one involves a certain evil Senator Palpatine... an intergalactic version of Dubya, perhaps?

And closer to home, by kind permission of Disarseter Records, is a lyric transcription of their latest hit song, coming to a subversive music performance near you soon! This originally appeared as a comment to a previous post. No prize for guessing whom it's about...

(entire song lyrics in the full post)

Enema for Akmal
by Panda Head Curry

One two three four!

I'm a righteous Malay man
And I have a righteous plan
I am Akmal Abdullah

I got many other friends
Who are very righteous men
None of them are Hebrew

Movies should be positive
Non Malays aren't positive
I really wish I could write real News

Communists are really bad
Really red and really bad
My bosses make me write these damn reviews

G Am
Non-Malays can't be your friends
There is war Kazakhstan
G Am
But I cannot cover it, man
All I do is write reviews about stupid films, real stupid films, subversive commie homo films
Like your's ….yat ee sam say!…

[hooky bit]
I need an enema
Am G
Please give me an enema
I really love the feeling of a tube

Flushing out the old ideas
Pump me up with new ideas
My writing really needs a boost

I'm not old, you're just too young
Write real stories, stupid punk
Suhaimi Baba totally rules

All Malays must wear sarongs
They can't be seen smoking bongs
Send all bangsa asing to Timbuktoo

[Death metal feel/vox - double pedal]
I make my readers feel really bored
But I am the OVERLORD!
Bow to me or get a bad review

Skanky 'hos and Chinese folk
Pattin' dogs and snortin' coke
The film makers indoctrinating you


Am C G Am
[ spoken]
[Pearls of wisdom from Akmal]


[2006 © Disarseter Records Sdn Bhd]

Panda Head Curry, by the way, is a side-project collaboration between 360Degree Head Rotation and Ben's Bitches. Call it a sort of performance art protest dissers... myAsylum will keep you posted as to when you can see Panda Head Curry live next.

However, 360 DHR and Ben's Bitches will be performing at the upcoming "World Press Freedom Market Place Shindig" on June 3rd and 4th (Saturday and Sunday), at Central Market (Pasar Seni) main entrance parking lot. 360 DHR and Ben's Bitches will be performing on Sunday, June 4th. The event will be on from 12noon - 6pm on both days, and masuk adalah percuma (free admission). The event is organized by the Center for Independant Journalism (CIJ).

Walski intends to be there, by the way. So, if anyone's curious as to the real identity of Walski, there's a good chance you may find out if you are there too... (on Sunday, at least).