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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Meme Tags: Why, oh why?

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We interrupt our regular broadcast for this stupid meme.

This is an irregular post and it will not be pinged, so if you found it, congratu-fucka-lations.

According to, a meme is a noun, meaning "A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another".

According to Walski, it's a pain in the ass, fucking waste of time - thanks a bunch, ducky. But, in keeping with the blogger spirit and tradition of passing this along, what the hell, Walski's a good sport. So here it is, hopefully you learn something (useful) about Walski.

i am Walski
i just now found out what an interesting waste of time memes are
i said I love life, and I mean it this time
i want a world without war and hunger
i wish all bigots would fucking rot in hell
i hate hatemongers
i miss the care-free days of my earlier youth
i fear stupidity
i hear stupid people rule the world
i wonder why stupid people don't realize they're stupid
i regret not a whole lot
i am not unkind
i sing every chance I get
i cry for the children of war and famine
i am not always proud
i made myself think while writing this
i write the future history of my own existence
i confused chewing gum for plasticiene once, and it tasted awful
i need enough to not be hungry
i should learn to ride a motorbike
i start my day with a smile
i finish the evening thankful for my wife and to be alive
i tag minishorts (coz u could do with a little chill time) and otto (coz I honestly couldn't think of anyone else)

There, done. myAsylum will now resume it's regular broadcast of other things....