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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Arrested Development: 1BLACK Malaysia just got BLACKER - Tian Chua arrested

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Updated @ 1851 hrs: Update in the full post

An urgent short & quick post: The Malaysian Insider (via Twitter) has reported that Batu Member of Parliament Tian Chua was arrested around half an hour ago.

Where the arrest took place, and on what charges, are at the moment unknown.

Also, fellow blogger and friend Zorro has been arrested in Ipoh, as part of the mass arrests of just about anybody within spitting distance of the state assembly building (via Shanghai Fish, hat-tip: Patrick Teoh).

Walski will provide updates once more information is available.
(update on Tian Chua’s arrest, and more, in the full post )

Update @ 1851 hrs:
Walski is happy to report that Zorro has been released, based on information posted at Shanghai Fish.

7-5-2009 (5:30pm) Just spoke to Haris, who received an sms from Bernard who was just released. Guess all your prayers were heard by the "Good Man" above. Thank you.
(source: Shanghai Fish)

As for Tian Chua, the most recent update on Malaysiakini quotes PAS’ Salahuddin Ayub as stating that “all elected representatives” have been released (updated at 4:30pm today) from police custody. Walski doesn’t know, offhand, whether this includes Tian or not. If anyone know, Walski would appreciate a shout.

Meanwhile, MalaysiakiniTV captures some of the goings on during this black-blotch of a day (hat-tip: Pah Nur). Arrests galore...

Update @ 1751 hrs:
Some unconfirmed details about Tian Chua's arrest, via Malaysia Update:

PKR election strategy director and Batu parliamentarian Tian Chua is arrested outside the state secretariat building.

The police inform him that the area has been cordoned off. The opposition politician tells police that he is there to greet his Pakatan colleagues.

Although he is accompanied by PKR treasurer and Selayang MP William Leong and several other party leaders, the police only detain him. He is forcefully dragged to an unmarked police vehicle.
(source: Malaysia Update)

Today is definitely one big fucking black blot on Malaysia - another nail in the coffin of Malaysian democracy. It’s also a reminder that Malaysia is slowly sliding down the treacherously slippery slopes of police statehood, where due process is frequently trampled upon when it suits those in power, and coupled with the growing influence of the religious conservatives, it points to one possible eventuality.

Failed statehood. Pakistan – The Sequel.

Put that perspective in your mind when you ponder about this bit of totally unrelated news (originally from the Wall Street Journal, via The Malaysian Insider):

Volkswagen AG plans to open a new assembly plant in Indonesia with an initial investment of €35 million (RM164 million), a sign that the Southeast Asian nation's still-robust consumer spending is keeping it attractive to foreign companies.

The planned facility, an hour east of Jakarta, will begin assembling the Touran, a compact multi-purpose vehicle, and could eventually employ between 2,000 and 4,000 people, said a person with knowledge of the discussions. The Wolfsburg, Germany-based company plans to initially invest in assembly and paint operations, spending €35 million or more, and may later begin full manufacturing at the factory, its first facility in East Asia outside China, the person said.

So, why Indonesia and not Malaysia, which arguably has a more established automobile industry? Recall that in the recent Indonesian general elections, the Islamist parties were not favored. In Malaysia, on the other hand, we seem to be giving more and more leeway to Muslim conservative demands.

Couple that with the total breakdown of democratic principles today. Where exactly is Malaysia headed?

1Malaysia, 2Perak, 3KA-BOOOM ??