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Friday, April 10, 2009

Digesting the Cabinet of TAO

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As the title suggests, Walski’s got a little digesting to do before he offers his two bits about the new Cabinet announced yesterday afternoon.

Image taken from Malaysiakini, hosting by Photobucket Correctly as prognosticated by many, it’s a smaller Cabinet. But is it a lean one? And to which side does it lean?

Also as correctly speculated, KJ didn’t get a place. Which, to Walski, is not the least bit surprising, and gives credence to things he’s heard about how TAO and Jantan Man aren’t exactly the best of buddies (or something to that effect).

The key operative question, while Walski digests, is this: is it a NOW cabinet, able to tackle the challenges we face today, and in the near future? Or is it just slightly improved from the previous slightly larger executive team?

For now, what Walski will say is that he’s not entirely impressed. Which does not, by the way, translate to saying that Walski is disappointed.

The world is not as easy as black and white – in reality, 254 other shades of grey exist…  
(the many possibilities of this new Cabinet, and more, in the full post)

Apart from utilizing his own mental digestive juices, Walski will also take into account what his bloggerhood brethren opine, as there are many ways to view the new appointments, the new faces, as well as the relics chosen to remain.

Najib’s introductory speech, though, was one full of promise for a better Malaysia. The One Malaysia concept as TAO calls it. Not anything original, but good stuff nevertheless. Provided, of course, that the grandiose plans and words translate to real action for the greater good of the nation. And not just a lot more feel good hot air. We had enough of that from his predecessor.

One good thing, though – those individuals who really, truly sucked as ministers are now gone. Like Syed Hamid Albar, who’s managed to fumble every single portfolio he’s held. Gone bye-bye. And about time, too.

But it’s early days yet. Typically, a newly minted leader is judged based on his or her first 100 days. And yes, the man has baggage, and the man has a prior history. All that, however, aren’t conclusive pieces of evidence to prognosticate how he’ll do.

As long as history doesn’t repeat itself, that is…

So, in the meantime, allow Walski to ponder and digest the new Cabinet for a bit. And then he’ll tell y’all what he thinks.