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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life, the Universe, Everything, and then some...

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Today is the third anniversary.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThat’s where the “and then some” part comes in. And as everyone (and his/her pet dolphin) should know, the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, is 42.

If you didn’t already know that, well, get off your butt, go get the book, and read the damned thing. Or risk Douglas Adams coming back to haunt you. Which would not be a pretty sight. At all.

For those of you who have difficulty in counting (and Walski’s encountered 2 people so far  today), 42 + 3 does not equal 42. Even on planet Malaysia, where money politics does not equal corruption, where pedestrian crossings are cleverly designed accidents waiting to happen, and where it takes 222 battalions to safeguard the country in peace-time mode (armed with their postal votes, probably), against that dreaded scourge, which threatens the very core of our sovereign existence: renegade goats (originally via NaSTy Pee – look at the 2nd-to-last paragraph).

Cryptic cynicism aside, Walski turns 45 today.
(birthday wish, thank-you’s. and more, in the full post)

So, what does Walski want for his birthday. Well, lots, truth be told.

First, he’d like more hours in a day. Which, theoretically, can be done if we stop the Earth rotating for a few hours each day. And like all other simplistic solutions, who cares what the cataclysmic side effects are, right? As long as Walski gets his few extra hours.

But if he can’t get that simple wish, then Walski will settle for peace on Earth, and for other planets wishing the same, too.

His proposal for world peace? Simple. Propose to the UN that all soldiers may only be armed with throw pillows and a few spliffs. Only hand-to-hand pillow combat allowed, preferably while stoned. Whomever doesn’t die laughing first, wins.

Suicide bombers? Try stand-up comedy instead. That way, when you bomb, no one else gets hurt. Oh, and confetti bombs. You can’t truly have world peace without confetti bombs.

But impossible dreams aside, life’s been pretty good for most of the 45 years, enough to notice that it’s been a good four and a half decades. Laughing on the inside for much of it. And sometimes out loud, too. It’s great for the heart, and as Walski’s real-world friends and acquaintances will attest, keeps you youthful.

With the ongoing comedy show called the Najib Era, the only option is to laugh it off. Either that, or get horribly depressed, shrivel up, blog, then die. Walski chooses the first option. Everyone else can choose the second option if they want… which translates to more brewskis for Walski. And more brewskis is always a good thing.

Speaking of the current era, Walski still owes you lot his thoughts on cabinets and such… Well, hang tight, ‘cause that’s coming your way in not too long. As soon as Walski gets his extra few hours.

Meanwhile, thanks for all the nice birthday wishes and fish sticks, be it in person, via SMS or on Facebook. Walski does feel blessed to have so many people in his life who care. So, yeah, thanks a zillion, peeps!

There’s this cliché about today being “the first day of the rest of your life”. Which make yesterday and tomorrow extremely confusing from a timeline perspective. But rather than rack his brain on this conundrum, Walski thinks he’ll just savor today for what it is.

Forty two, plus 3. And a nice quiet dinner with the Mrs later on. Or a not very quiet one (depending on where we’ll be) would be A-OK fine with Walski, too.

And now, it’s off to face the Vogons, who apparently want to buy some stuff, but need some awful poetry recited to ‘em first. Dang… now where on Earth did Walski put his towel?

Bartender… four pints, and a bag of peanuts, please…