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Thursday, April 09, 2009

TAO and the art of Cabinet Reconstruction

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Or is it Deconstruction?

Image taken from, hosting by Photobucket Forget about April 7th, and any kind of imagined referendum.


Today, April 9th is the real benchmark. And basing on the poll results thus far, it had better be something fucking fantabulous that gets unveiled this afternoon, at 3pm Malaysian Time.

And not merely for the sake of TAO, either. It’s an announcement that will have a direct effect on this entire nation. Today, folks, is the day that decides whether TAO’s will be a one-off administration (one term or less), or whether he’s got the the goods for the long haul.

What kind of Cabinet do you think it will be? 
(prognosticating the options, and more, in the full post)

Will it be a hip, innovative, and a NOW kind of Cabinet, ready to take Malaysia head-on into the rest of the 21st century?

Image taken from Josh Spear, hosting by Photobucket

Innovative, yet effective, and unseemingly strong. Unconventional, yet ready for the difficult time and tasks ahead. Getting things done with the kind of urgency the 21st century requires and demands.

Or will it be an oh-so-last-century kind of relic, mired so firmly in old paradogmas, that the whole damn thing will break if circumstances attempt to shift the paradigm gears? So fossilized and brittle, that any required change may just transform the damn thing into shards of worthless wood and dust.

Image taken from National Geographic, hosting by Photobucket

Will it be a clean Cabinet? Or will it end up being one full of cobwebs, dust mites, and possibly even a skeleton or five? Yes, Walski knows… there will always be the specter of a certain blow-up doll, too. With that, what he wonders is if there’ll be more skeletons and dirty laundry to join in the fun.

The one other thing of concern when talking about Cabinets is size. Is it going to be a lean, mean, governing machine? Or is it going to be another case of trying to please too many vested interests, and ending up with a piece of furniture that is unwieldly, slothful, and nothing more than nicely varnished dead wood.

Being that TAO has his own baggage to worry about, will the new Cabinet be ergonomically designed to travel light, or will there be more combined baggage than the 3 Whitman brothers in The Darjeeling Limited? (via, and incidentally, a fabulous film, if you haven’t already watched it)

And that are but some of the pondering questions that Walski has, and that TAO will undoubtedly answer later this afternoon. When he unveils the most important piece of furniture that has gotten this country’s imagination and prognostication running overtime.

The Cabinet.

And the art of its construction / deconstruction will be more telling than the object it produces…

Walski’s acronymical anomaly explanatory footnote: In case you chance upon this post, and have not read the couple or so before it, you may be unfamiliar with the acronym that Walski has chosen to use from now on, referring to a certain all-important personality that governs our waking moments (and maybe even the sleeping ones).

TAO happens to stand for The Anointed One. It’s a neat acronym, that can be easily incorporated into a whole load of catchy phrases. Like the title of this post, for instance.