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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In support of Eli...

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Updated @ 2320 hrs: Here's yet another reason why you people should immediately desist from your quest to search for photos. If there's any authority that Walski trusts on the quality of smut, it's the Malay Male. And he gives a resounding thumbs down!

Original Post:
As Walski mentioned in an earlier post, the traffic to this blog these past couple of days has been much higher than usual. Not because Walski published something Earth-shatteringly ground-breakingly spectacular - like a cure for terminal stupidity - that's a Nobel Prize right there...

Alas, no. Unfortunately, it has been for much baser and prurient reasons.

Image hosting by PhotobucketLooking for Eli... for all the wrong reasons

Even more disturbing is what Walski's been told: that apparently, some bloggers have even been re-posting those pictures on their blogs. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Sure, bloggers love traffic. Especially if you have online ads. That's a given. But not at the expense of further invading the already invaded privacy of an upstanding and outstanding individual such as Elizabeth Wong.

That kind of traffic Walski can well do without.

And not because she's someone Walski knows personally, either. Respect for privacy transcends acquaintenceship.

It's just simple human decency.
(a message to Eli, some words from the Mode, and more, in the full post)

Eli - if you ever read this - Walski truly sympathizes with you for what you're going through right now. Although he wishes that you had chosen to stay on in your deserved state exco and legislative posts (as you rightly should), Walski fully supports the decision you have made in this regard.

What public service you've done, long before you even entered into politics and elected into public office, is something that every Malaysian should aspire for. Your record, as far as Walski is concerned, has been exemplary.

You definitely did not deserve what happened to you to have happen. And really, whomever is responsible should really rot in hell. Or hell-on-earth, if that happens to be more painful.

In your short time in office, you truly were the people's representative. Walski salutes you...

From one DM fan to another, Eli... this one's for you...

And people... seriously, try walking in her shoes...