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Friday, February 20, 2009

HENN: Hit comedy show enters second season

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Comedy show "Unreal Estate" debuts with hilarious 2nd season 
HENN managed to catch up with myAsylum's Entertainment Editor to talk about Season 2 of Unreal Estate, the surprise hit sitcom everyone's talking about - reporting straight from Hell, and soon-to-be Hell-on-Earth, Malaysia. Another episode in the continuing series from the Hell-on-Earth News Network (HENN)

In case you haven't been out of your cave lately, here's a quick Unreal Estate Season One recap: The turmoil in the real estate firm Silver State Sdn Bhd seemed to be never ending. Adding to the constant bickering and full-frontal backstabbing in the secretarial pool, frogs from their indoor koi pond were jumping everywhere, some even back and forth, causing the workers in the company headquarters to be kind of... err... jumpy themselves. The fight between the two major shareholder camps seem to be at a zenith, when one of the two camps, Team B, executes a brilliant, if underhanded, directorship buy-over. The season ended with the CEO giving the take over his blessings. But the troubles are far from over. The CEO goes ahead and approves the appointment of the new Managing Director, before the shareholders meeting can convene! The season ends with the hilarious cliffhanger of Silver State having two Managing Directors!

And so viewers of the highest rated comedy show to be transmitted through all possible mediums - TV, radio, the Internet, whirling dervishes, temple spiritual mediums... as long as it's a medium - waited anxiously for the second season of Unreal Estate to start.

All of two whole weeks.

And earlier this week Season Two debuted with as much hilarious shenanigans as the first season, and with more twists than a Chubby Checker concert. myAsylum Entertainment Editor, Larfinor Hedzoff told HENN today that the series can be expected to deliver even more laughs this season.

"I was not disappointed - not one bit", Larfinor said. "When the new MD came in to work and was denied access to the conference room by the building janitor, that alone was comedic genius!"

Image originally from the Star, via Navel Gazing, hosting by PhotobucketA scene from Unreal Estate - hit sitcom nobody expected (or wanted)

Larfinor added that in parallel, audiences were at the edges of their seats with nervous laughter when the opening credits were with the backdrop of the previous MD being evicted first from his office, then from the company condo.

"Then, the opening scene proper with the new MD... Classic!" a smirking Larfinor exclaimed. "Another thing that will make the second season a success is the inclusion of new brilliantly thought out characters," he added.

When HENN probed further (causing Larfinor to squirm a bit) about what characters, "Definitely the most ingenious one has to be The Janitor."

And what makes The Janitor special?
(secrets of sitcom success, The Janitor, and more, in the full post)

"Well, that's the genius of Jip See For," Larfinor Hedzoff said, referring to the producer from Callum-Cabot Productions, creator of the sitcom. "He wrote The Janitor to be this overbearing individual, a janitor, no less, and gave the guy superpowers!"

A sitcom character with superpowers? HENN simply had to find out more.

"Oh yeah... The Janitor character has been written as an omnipotent individual, with powers of suspension. He can stop time, put entire departments in suspended animation... even put entire subsidiary companies on auto pilot!"

HENN asked Larfinor what he thought gave Unreal Estate such mass appeal.

"Essentially, the sitcom takes the mundane goings on in a company and turns every single task into an laugh-a-minute adventure. Like when the new MD and his executive staff were denied access into the corporate headquarters main conference room, nicknamed "The House" (because of it's huge cavernous size... as big as a house), when he tried to convene his first staff meeting."

"One lowly company secretary sarcastically muttered, 'How the hell can he get the confidence of the House, when he can't even get into the House'... that brought the studio audience to their knees in hysterics."

"So, it's insane stuff like that... Hit formula for a successful sitcom!"

"Plus, there are so many potential side-plots that the writers and producers can exploit," Larfinor added, "Like the old MD's quest to get his old job back, for example."

HENN couldn't agree more. In a sneak-attack survey done on unsuspecting pedestrians along Jalan Bukit Bintang earlier today, 82% of the respondents said they thought the series was hilarious, 17% didn't like the sitcom (the majority them thought janitors shouldn't be laughed at, especially those with superpowers), while the remainder 1% were so surprised by the sneak-attack survey, that they were speechless (one almost went into anaphylactic shock).

Larfinor Hedzoff also provided HENN with some insider information about what other hits can be expected from the producers of Unreal Estate.

"Entertainment industry prediction isn't an exact science - more like a black art sometimes - but there's been talk that Callum-Cabot Productions is so impressed, that Jip See For has been given the green light for several more series that the audience can look forward to".

"I don't have much details, but among them is a new reality show, tentatively called Extreme Lockdown. Another one is a romantic comedy series, I think, called "Strange Bedfellows", and even a pseudo-investigative reporting series called "One-Eyed MaccJackass".

Based on the success of Unreal Estate, asked what he thought the chances of continued success were for Jip See For and Callum-Cabot, Larfinor Hedzoff told HENN, "I'm quite confident that we'll be seeing lots more from this collaboration. But it's hard to predict any success in the future until we've seen the productions."

"Furthermore, audiences are a strange lot. And although the industry would like to think that they're mindless sheep, the reality is that the audience can get fed-up real easily with a particular style or genre. Their power to make or break should never be taken for granted. Or for a ride."

"And once the audience is fed up with a particular producer, director, or even production company, it'll be pretty damn hard to win back their viewership."

The debut of Unreal Estate's second season was definitely a big hit. And HENN is certain that the audience can't wait for the next episode, to find out what happens to Silver State Sdn Bhd, and if the company will ever get any actual work done, now that there are two MD's at each others' throats, but not addressing the real needs of a struggling real estate firm. 
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HENN Late wind-breaking News: The whereabouts of HENN senior correspondents Ben Dover and Thakit Likaman are still unknown, after their expedition to nowhere, to interview Swami Maha Sri Ali-G Ellison Shripashtusaktivel Bassui Basho Bodhi Elektrik Smith. HENN will provide updates once the two are located so that they can be once again exhumed when required...