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Friday, August 01, 2008


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Today, August 1st 2008 marks 10 years. A decade. Time does fly.

Image taken from, hosting by PhotobucketA Decade - of two being together as one unit.

A Decade - of having to put up with Walski, and his various ideosyncracies. Some, admittedly, annoying.

A Decade - 3,642.5 days (assuming you believe the Earth orbits around the Sun). Most of those have been awesomely great. Some, we'd rather forget. But what's the good, if not for the bad?

A Decade - 13,113,000 minutes in the never-ending quest to learn and know his better half. And Walski still gets it all wrong sometimes.

A Decade - way too many seconds to bother counting. But each one with her Walski still savors and always looks forward to.
(Decade-nce is a good thing, and more, in the full post)

A Decade - of remaining in love. The "falling in" part was probably the easiest - the rest a constant, but well-worth-it, effort.

A Decade - of ups and downs. Over time, though, the ups seem to get higher, and the downs not so low.

A Decade - hither and yon, but all the time connected, even when we're not actually, physically together.

A Decade - a long time for some, a destination for others, but for Walski and the Mrs, another beginning of a continuing journey. Together. Towards another 10 (minimum, God-willing).

Decade-nce. A good thing.

Some don't even make it that far. And for that we're very thankful.