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Friday, July 25, 2008

Nico Resurrected

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The following is a super-duper special communiqué from Lord Panda, ruler of all he models, which sort of (kind of) explains what Walski was rambling about in a previous post (some additional links, and minor grammatical disarseter recovery by myAsylum).

Woo hey kiddies!!!

We had a great time this Sunday, 20th July at the KL Performing Arts Center for “Panda Head Curry? and Friends”, AKA, KL Sing Song 2008.

Image hosting by PhotobucketNico - specially resurrected to jam with PHC?

We were very fortunate to be joined by a VERY old and dear friend of mine, Nico. Nico sort of gained notoriety when Andy Warhol “forced” her upon the Velvet Underground in a recording project that yielded often covered and immortal songs like “All Tomorrow's Parties” and “I’ll Be Your Mirror”. I met her in 1984 when I was going to university in Syracuse, NY. At that time Mo Tucker (the Velvet’s drummer) lived in Syracuse and Nico would often take a break from the insanity of New York City, drive up and enjoy serenity of the Adirondack Mountains. Mo was a frequent visitor to the Orange Grove, a live music bar on Wescott Street where I used to perform with my college band punk “The Bastard Sons of Sid”. Nico would often join us, jam and roll a couple. We became friends, she did some vocals on a couple of our songs, and she’d crash over in our apartment occasionally.

(continuing with Nico, Panda Head Curry?, and more tall tales, in the full post)

1986-88 was a really screwed up period for her. She had run into some trouble and had to lie low. A “disappearing act” was staged while she was vacationing in Ibiza with her son. After I graduated university in 1988, we lost touch (she literally dropped off the face of the earth). I got a letter from her in 1991, after I’d returned to Malaysia. She was living in Heidelberg, Germany at that time. She came over to Malaysia a few times and travelled to Austin, Texas to attend wedding in 1994. She’s visited Malaysia a few times in the past to escape the cold European winters. This year, she decided to take her summer vacation in Malaysia and we all had a great time in Langkawi a week before the KL Sing Song 2008.

For a lark I asked her if she’d consider doing a song or two with Panda Head Curry?...and she agreed. She came over to KLPAC a few hours before the gig, went through one of our songs “Finland People” and joined us on stage. It was almost like old times again.

Image hosting by PhotobucketNo stolen DNA was involved in this resurrection of Nico

For those of you who missed the show, here’s some [more] pictures:

Malaysian auteur, Chi Too, decided to document the entire day with Panda Head Curry?. I assume he should be releasing this landmark document shortly.

In addition to Nico, our buddy Walski69 helped us out by being “Mattress-y” a walking sodomite mattress. I don’t seem to have any pix of the Mattress-y, if you have any, please post them up.

Woo hey!

Lord Panda.

Oh, as to the question raised by Lord Panda, about the documentation of PHC? last Sunday by Chi Too, word in the bloggerhood has it that yes, he will be releasing a film documentary, tentatively titled "Jangan Main Bontot: The Adventures of Panda Head Curry?" (source: Next Movies Cinemas). Stay tuned to myAsylum - Walski will let y'all know once the film is released.

Also, if you are wondering whether or not to check out the other pictures taken surrounding the Panda Head Curry? performance experience at KL Sing Song 2008, just to let you know that there are pictures of Walski in the flesh (pre-Mattress-y). So, if you've always wondered what Walski looks like, here's your golden opportunity.

Maybe one day Walski will come out of the anonymity closet, and all this secrecy will be moot... but it's still not that blogger-friendly a nation yet, so that day will have to wait. For now.