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Friday, July 25, 2008

Return from being AWOL

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Yes, Walski decided to disappear again this week.

Actually he was abducted by Michael Jackson, who then hypnotized Walski into believing that he was a mattress, whose mission was to gather as much DNA from as many people as possible.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHypnotized by Michael Jackson, Walski runs amuck at KL PAC... as a mattress

But he's back. As Walski, not as a mattress.
(adventures of Mattress-y, and more, in the full post)

Okay, so Michael Jackson had as much to do with the episode, as freeze-dried particles of coffee know they're trapped in a bottle of Nescafe. In actual fact, Panda Head Curry? was to blame...

But more about that in a separate post. Meanwhile, Walski has had to undergo a week's worth of Mattress Rehabilitation (aka "work"), which accounts for his extended absence from the bloggerhood.

It was, however, kinda fun being a mattress, terrorizing the audience at the recent KL Sing Song 2008, attempting to collect as much DNA from the audience as legally (and hygenically) possible. Suffice it to say, the mattress skin was shed after Sunday afternoon - said 'skin' probably still lurking somewhere at KL PAC.

Speaking of which, if any of you happened to be there last Sunday afternoon, and happened to snap more evidence of Mattress-y running amuck at Pentas 2, kindly e-mail the photos to Walski. He's compiling evidence in a pending uncivilized lawsuit against Panda Head Curry?.

The charge? Conspiracy to turn Walski into bedroom furniture cum DNA receptacle. When e-mailing the evidence, do let Walski know if you'd be willing to testify as well... statutory declarations also accepted, but probably somewhat overkill.

Since it's the season for lawsuits, criminal defamation, and all that, ya know...