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Sunday, July 27, 2008

New skin, same 'ol carcass...

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This would actually be hilarious if it weren't true. And truth isn't just stranger than fiction, sometimes it's funnier, in a purely idiotic kind of way. In this case, though, it's ominous of graver things to come.

Way to go Baby Pas. Now you've got Walski really wondering what kind of threats were made when you went to City Hall. Veiled threats probably, since you folks love to put everything behind veils.

National Security? Or setting the scene for a monolithic PAS-UMNO union that can spell only one thing - Disaster. Not Disarseter (which is pretty cool in Walski's book), but the linguistically correct D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.

From Bernama (via Rocky's Bru):

PAS Spiritual Leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat Saturday proposed the dissolution of both PAS and Umno and the setting up of a new Islam-based political party to unite the Malays and enable Islam to be the protective umbrella for all the people, including non-Muslims.

He said Islam fulfilled the objectives of all endeavours, including political struggle, and should form the basis of political parties seeking to uphold the true political struggle.

"Umno should dissolve, PAS should also dissolve. Set up another party on condition that it is based on Islam," he told reporters after opening the 37th "Muktamar" (meeting) of Kelantan PAS "Dewan Ulama" (Assembly of Muslim Scholars), here.

(source: Bernama)

And because the PAS leadership is too damn myopic in what they're aiming for, they're simply buying into the delusion that UMNO is selling them. And Walski really has to ask this question, which has been echoed across the bloggerhood: unity against what?

Ketuanan Melayu in Ketuanan Islam clothing... meet the new boss, same as the old boss... and trying to set Malaysia up to get fooled again.
(ignoring the writing on the March 8th wall, and more, in the full post)

At the end of the day, of course, this is more political rhetoric - playing one-upsmanship, with the collective Malaysian concern as ante. UMNO, desperate for their Malay demographics, offers the olive branch to PAS, who then say "yeah, okay - but it's gotta be flavored Islam". Which plays right into UMNO's hands. Why? Consider this statement, from once Emperor of Darul Toyol (via his Toyol-ness' blog, translation & emphasis by myAsylum).

Jika Melayu menjadi liberal saya percaya banyak lagi kepentingan Melayu akan dikorbankan. Apakah hanya kerana mahu menang dalam pilihan raya maka kita mahu memperjudikan nasib anak bangsa kita akan datang?

If Malays become liberal, I believe a lot of other Malay interests will be sacrificed. Is it merely because of the wish to win the elections, therefore, we want to gamble the fate of our race's future generations?

Liberal memperjuangkan kesamarataan. Kesamarataan bukan keadilan. Kesamarataan hanyalah agenda kapitalis yang tidak berhati perut yang mahu melihat yang lemah terus tertinggal dan yang kuat terus menguasai yang lemah. Mereka juga menyokong idea tiada perbezaan antara agama yang bertentangan dengan akidah orang Islam; yang jelas memperkatakan bahawa Islam adalah agama tauhid yang mendapat kedudukan istimewa di sisi Allah s.w.t.

Liberalism champions equality. Equality is not justice. Equality is merely an unconscienable capitalist agenda that wants to see the weak remain left behind, and the strong continue to control the weak. These people also support the notion that there is no difference between religions that are against the faith of Muslims, which clearly states that Islam is the only monotheistic religion that has a special position with God Almighty.

Islam sebenarnya menolak kesamarataan tetapi menegakkan keadilan, yang mana meletakkan agama Islam di tempat yang tinggi dengan membenarkan agama lain dianuti oleh umat lain.

Islam actually rejects equality but upholds justice, which places Islam on high standing, allowing other religions to be professed by others.
(source: Cetusan Dr. Mohamad Khir Toyo)

And it is this very same warped mindset that appeals to certain factions within PAS, if not the entire party. Justice does not equal equality? To quote Chris Rock - get the fuck outta here...

On the other hand, UMNO too is fast being suckered into the bottomless pit of Ketuanan Islam...

Here's a scenario that Walski thinks is likely, and in the end will lead to the demise of both UMNO and PAS:

UMNO and PAS both dissolve, and form a mega-ultra-Islam-but-Malay political party (since any other kind of partying is probably deemed haram to 'em) - let's say they call themselves PAMBU - PAkatan Melayu & Bumiputera se-Ummah. Woo-hey yippe-ka-fucking-yay! Back to past glory (since PAS has its roots in UMNO to begin with, and these folks love to glorify the past anyways). Pakatan Rakyat drops any semblance of relationship with those who cross-over to this new mega entity (the smart ones join PKR or any of the other PR parties). Meanwhile, the rest of the BN components disavow any connection to the new PAMBU (which is pretty much like the old pambu, only bigger). PAMBU rejoices that it has the critical ass mass to rule... BUT WAIT! The recently passed Anti-Hop Laws prevent such a travesty from happening, and snap elections are called. Pakatan Rakyat win big, both at the Federal and State levels, and PAS, UMNO and PAMBU are relegated to the footnotes of Malaysian political history.

It could happen. Darwinian natural selection, so to speak.

Especially if these politicos refuse to read the writing on the wall, spray painted in bright neon colors, as to what was being rejected on March 8th. Among other things, it was race-based politics. And don't forget that PAS had to tone down its Islam über alles rhetoric to be acceptable to all Malaysians.

And when you peel the veneer off this new found mission of religion-based politics, what you get is the same rotting political carcass that many Malaysians rejected in GE 2008. It's the same ketuanan mindset at play.

The new boss, same as the old boss - and Walski won't be fooled again.