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Sunday, July 06, 2008

BMY 2008

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Rocky's had enough, he says. Don't blame him one single bit.

Sister-in-arms Marina says that she's had enough, too. Don't blame her either, truth be told.

Image hosting by Photobucket2008 - Tahun Meliwat Malaysia

The idea of Tahun Meliwat Malaysia (Bugger Malaysia Year), that YB Jeff thinks this year has become, is actually something Walski had thought about just over a year ago, in a post called Heads You Win, Tails I Lose. You see, back then it was the fact that forces of conservatism were driving Malaysia back to the dark ages, it seemed. Every which way, it felt like our progressive outlook was being reamed in the ass.

Then March 8th came along, religious fervor was put on the back-burner, and it looked like things were finally going to look up. At least from the political point of view. Malaysia spoke out on that day - and what she said, in a nutshell, was that enough was enough with race based politics. There are real issues we are facing as a nation, and said issues don't give a rat's ass what color skin you are, or whom/what you pray to.

Well, sadly the politicking didn't stop with March 8th. In fact, since then, there's been so much fucking politicking from all sides, that quite frankly, even Walski's gotten fed up, truth be told.

Sure, the flying-fuck circus (via Magick River) that the political arena has become provides for a lot of great material to poke fun at. But "funny" doesn't solve national problems. At least, not in this time-space continuum.
(reaming us all up the ass, and more, in the full post)

It has almost become like a game show come to life - "Who wants to be a Statutory Declarer?" Each side of the political fence trying hard to ream each other up the ass. Figuratively, and literally.

And the word "liwat" has now become a household joke, as YB Jeff mentioned. So-to-you, so-to-me. Condoms and Crisco not included.

In the end, the ones getting the reaming are you and Walski.

To the politicians in BN - UMNO in particular - accept the fact that what you stand for may no longer be in the best interest of the nation. Trying to make ends meet is a problem that afflicts every single Malaysian, regardless of race or creed. March 8th proclaimed that loud 'n clear. For those elected and are now holding public office - start doing your fucking job, and quit with the politicking and power broking.

Want to ward off the risk that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) poses? Then do your fucking job, and show that you are a competent government. The standard operating procedure of bush-whacking the people with ad hoc policies for the sake of political expediency must stop. Most of all, stop punishing the Malaysians who did not vote for you. You had it coming, so live with the fact.

As things stand, Walski's sick and tired of your incompetence, and hiding behind beligerant playground-bully behavior - and possibly a large chunk of the Malaysian populace, as well.

To those elected BN politicians who are thinking of crossing over - do us all a favor: just fucking jump ship, already. But at the same time, have the political integrity and quit as Member of Parliament, and in doing so, force a by-election. It's only fair to the people who voted you in. Why? Because only by doing that will you know whether they voted for you as a competent representative in Parliament, and what you really stand for, or the party whose ticket you ran on, standing for what you were forced to claim you stood for.

And to the PR policians, elected or otherwise - yes, March 8 was the nation saying that change is what was sorely needed. And Walski does sympathize with the PR states that are being plagued with politically-motivated punitive rewards. But there is no super-expressway to Putrajaya. You've built an unprecedented momentum based on change. Unprecedented, because peaceful change is usually not something that can be achieved overnight. And you've done an excellent job thus far - don't fuck it all up by taking the lowdown road of mud and dirt.

In the meantime, while the politicians continue with their mudraking, shit-slinging and polly-want-a-cracker-ticking, the people will remember 2008, post March 8, as Tahun Meliwat Malaysia - where the joy of politics lies not in the service a politician is supposed to deliver, but in the throes of vicious politicking that you fucktards seem to enjoy so much.

Wake the fuck up and smell the real sodomy... the one the politicians are inflicting upon the people of Malaysia.