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Monday, July 07, 2008

City of Jakarta

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Just a quickie post to let you folks know that myAsylum will most likely not be getting updated much this week.

No, Walski's not on a blog strike. Actually, he's out of the country - for work, and not because he's had just about enough of Malaysia (of which he actually has just had about enough). Unfortunately, the internet access is not as accessible as he'd like it to be. Hence the potentially no-update week for this blog, Walski predicts.

Walski is in Jakarta this week, for a few meetings supporting the Indonesia operations of the company he works for.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe KLM aircraft "City of Jakarta", which Walski took to get to...
Where else? Jakarta!

Quite by coincidence, the KLM Boeing 747-400 he took to get here was a plane named City of Jakarta. Did you know that it's cheaper to fly KLM to Jakarta than it is to fly to East Malaysia on MAS? Strange, ain't it?

This is Walski's first time in this humungous city - and boy is it big! Walski was told that the population in Jakarta is something like 20 million people, or something crazy like that. Not quite as populous as Shanghai, though (27 million or so), but pretty damn big nevertheless.

He'll be taking pictures along the way, naturally, but the updates may not be forthcoming. Not this week anyways... there's work to be done, and unfortunately, Walski can't get Internet access in the hotel room. Hopefully there'll be some play time on this visit, too... but if not, there's always next time. With the Indonesia operations set up, Walski will probably be coming over more often.

So, don't worry... it's just a short hiatus - and it's actually kind of nice not to be full frontal with the crap that's happening at home for a few days...

But if Walski does get a chance to update, it'll be a bonus... Peace, folks!
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