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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Ruminations

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Rodin's The Thinker, taken from, image hosting by PhotobucketWalski thinks about a lot of things all the time. Most of these are random thoughts that pop out of the blue, some are reflections of what's going on in the world around him... All kinds of things. Most of these (but not all) are just one-liner thoughts.

Like, for instance...

Race. To Walski, when it comes to race, two, and only two things hold any importance - human, and Formula One. If you really want to impress Walski, prove that you're Klingon. Or some other variety of extraterrestial. Everything else race-related is noise... 'nuff said.

Religion. Why is it that the discussion always revolves around theology - the "my religion is better than yours, and you all are going to hell" kinds of arguments? There are enough commonality of values inter-religion to make us one happy human family. But noooo.... it's always the us-against-them argument. Don't believe Walski? Just hop on over to Malaysia Today sometime, and look for a religion-related post, then read the comments. This is also true of intra-Islamic discussions - as in between different schools of thought... What gives? God must be having a grand time laughing his infinite behind off watching us mortals bicker-bicker-bicker...

Malaysian Drivers. Actually, Walski shouldn't start on this one - dealing with Malaysian drivers is a daily heartache. Question - are cars supplied with turn signal lights these days? Walski wonders because these fuckers on the road hard ever use 'em. It's either no signal, or signal when they're half-way into the next lane. Better yet, morons who indicate one direction, then go the opposite.

UMNO and the other BN coalition parties. Finally, after 4-plus weeks of denial, they're starting to admit publicly that perhaps they need to re-examine themselves, and take some accountability for the losses suffered on March 8th. And they want to re-invent themselves - or something to that effect. But how do you reinvent yourself, when your entire purpose of being revolves around outdated paradigms (in this case race)? It's like wanting to bake round cakes with square cake tins (if this sounds familiar, it's been mentioned before) - not entirely impossible, but not a very intelligent way of baking, either.
(ruminations upon ruminations, and more ruminations, in the full post)

Toilets. Why is it that Malaysia, persistently proclaimed by some as an Islamic state, has problems keeping it's public toilets clean? And by "clean", Walski also means dry and unsmelly. Aren't cleanliness and consideration for others important aspects of Islam? And while Walski isn't implying that the toilets are dirtied by the Muslims alone - but hey, being the majority, probably also means taking the majority of the blame.

Music. In particular, music genres - to Walski, there's good music and there's bad music - of any style and timeframe. And those are the only ways Walski categorizes music... anything more would be compartmentalization... and you know how Walski hates compartmentalization...

Anniversaries. In a couple of days, Walski will have another one of those things called birthdays roll along again. But tomorrow (April 14th) is an even more important anniversary - the 5-year ban on Anwar Ibrahim running for any public office ends. And this particular anniversary has gotten the UMNO-ites nervous as hell... wonder why.... hmmm....

Youth. Just exactly how old must one be before they are no longer declared fit to run for "Youth" positions? Take UMNO Youth... you potentially have running for office (so the rumor mill says) KJ (32), Mohamed Khir Toyo (42)... outgoing chief Hishammuddin Hussein is 46... With the exception of KJ, perhaps, the rest of the so-called youth aren't what one would generally consider youthful. Rather conservative, if you were to ask Walski...

Blogs. All of a sudden, blogs and blogging is fast becoming the panacea for everything politically wrong - at least for UMNO. We're seeing more and more UMNO politicians start their own blogs (but are they actually writing?) of late. And today, Walski read that anyone vying for a UMNO Jr. (aka UMNO Youth) post in the elections coming up this year, must have a blog. Blogger Unspun's thoughts on this move mirror Walski's own - and it revolves around this thing called credibility.

When will they learn that technology changes nothing except that it helps you reach more people, faster, and with less expense?

Umno’s problem, alas, is not one of logistics but of credibility. Unless the party members change the way they think, come off their high horse and genuinely engage their intended readers and voters, all the blogs in the world won’t help but rather hurt them.

(source: Unspun)

Blog all you want, style will never win over substance. And when the substance ain't there, the best looking blog in the world isn't gonna help one iota. Looking at the way UMNO is generally behaving still, Ultraman Gaia comes to mind, for some reason... with emphasis on the "GayaGaia" part. Or is Walski actually thinking of Auta-man Gaya?

~ ~ o o O o o ~ ~

Of course, there are more thoughts that creep thru Walski's mind every now and again... but he reckons that just a little taste every now and again is probably enough... The mind, after all, can be a terrible thing to taste...