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Monday, April 14, 2008

Black Celebration

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Walski thought that it would be appropriate that he post this YouTube video today.

As everyone probably knows by now, the ban on Anwar Ibrahim's electability status goes positive after today, April 14. To commemorate this, they're having a dinner gathering at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kampung Baru, KL tonight.

It appears, that predictably, the police has deemed any gathering in that area illegal (apart from the actual dinner, that is). The cops simply can't tolerate any gatherings these days, can they?

And you say that we don't live in a police state?
(black is the color of this celebration, in the full post)

Walski's almost waiting for the day when patrons at large shopping malls will be greeted by chemical-laced water cannons and tear gas... Illegal assembly? Walski doesn't recall seeing shoppers at Mid-Valley displaying their police permits... Blast away, boys...

Incidentally, any police action tonight would also disrupt well-wishers appearing at the Sultan Sulaiman Club to share the joy with none other than Raja Petra Kamaruddin, and his wife Marina, who will be there to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. Bring a brolly, Pete old boy... 'cause it just may be rainin' chemical there tonite! Ahhh... nothing beats the feeling of being drenched in nasty skin-irritating chemicals early in the evening on your wedding anniversary...

Also happening today, by the way, is an emergency meeting called by the Prime Minister to brief the newly elected Members of Parliament, but of the BN variety only. The meeting, to be held at 3pm today at PWTC is expected to be attended by BN's 140 members of Parliament, and 307 state assembly persons. Offhand, Walski's not sure if a police permit was applied, or if water cannons would be on standby. You never know what mischief these MPs and state assembly fellers can conjure... One thing's for sure, though - if Chua Soi Lek were still an MP, one would be very hard pressed to catch the Johor member (of Parliament) wearing a raincoat...

Walski also doesn't know if more than 5 cars assembled without a police permit also constitutes an illegal assembly... now, if the police were smart, they would deploy these water cannon vehicles to the traffic jam hotspots, and just blast away at the cars stuck in a jam. Oh, and instead of tear gas, how about shooting cannisters of soap foam instead... free car wash! And the public will love ya for it...

+100 PR points, hit point threshold increase level 3...

Or better yet, the police could use those resources wasted on combating peaceful assembly, to go out and fight real crime... Now, wouldn't that be a novel idea?

But until such a time our cops finally come to their senses, we're probably gonna get lots more of these Black Celebrations, every now and again... Cheerio, suckers!