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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pre-Election Exit Poll

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Put simply - what do you think will be the likely outcome of the 12th General Elections, this Saturday, March 8th?

Yeah, Walski's aware that the post title is a little bit of an oxymoron... but you get the picture. Walski's put together a few likely scenarios, that you get to select from. And this time around, it's only one choice per vote. Once you have voted, a thick, black horizontal should appear at the bottom of the screen, which prevents you from voting again.... ever... Heh heh...

So, what are the plausible scenarios that we could possibly see?
(chosing a likely scenario, in the full post)

In no paticular order, here are the choices you get to choose from:

  • BN retains its 2/3 majority, but with less seats than in 2004
  • BN retains its 2/3 majority, and with more seats than in 2004
  • BN loses its 2/3 majority, but still forms the government
  • BN does not even get a simple majority
  • PUNDAK wins

You're probably wondering about the last choice, and Walski reckons you deserve to know what PUNDAK is all about.

Image hosting by PhotobucketP114 - Kepong
(Walski's choice of where to contest)

PUNDAK is the abbreviated form of Parti Undi Rosak, or Spoilt Votes Party - a brilliant satirical site put up around about a year ago. Their motto: Merdeka! Seterika! Karthika! (which translates to Independence! Iron! Cucumber!).

But satirical as it may be, it unfortunately reflects the sentiment of many registered voters - especially the younger voters (via ) - that there is no viable choice available to choose from, so might as well spoil your vote, if you're voting.

Satire is one thing - taking the satire seriously and actually spoiling your vote on Saturday is another kettle of fish altogether.

Bloggers Juslo and Jeffrey Hardy Quah, who've been having a conversation in the comments (of a previous post), have stated the Pros and Cons of taking such a stand, that is, to purposely spoil one's vote, in protest, in the coming 12th General Elections.

A summary of the Pro argument goes something like this: because the percentage of spoilt votes is so high, the incumbent seeing, that actual support for them is low, they will take steps so as not to alienate the people further. At the same time, this gives the opposition to build their credibility (because the opposition is seen as unviable).

Opposing Con view, however, states:

  1. Spoiling your votes is only going to be to the benefit of the incumbent BN to stay in power
  2. BN cares more for themselves being in power, rather than what percentage of the people actually support them
  3. The voter's worth, in BN's view, is only up till you cast your vote. If returned to power, BN will resume talking as if they actuall represent the voice of all the people. We've seen this more often than we'd like to recall.
  4. In other words, regardless of the percentage of spoiled votes (even those in protest), once BN is in power with 2/3 majority, BN's interests reign, while the people's interests become, at best, secondary.

You can probably tell where Walski stands. If you still don't, go read the last 2 or 3 posts before this.

Bottom line is this: spoil your vote, and you're almost guaranteed of another 4 - 5 years of the same 'ol, same 'ol....

In any case, the poll is up (see top left corner of this blog), and Walski appreciates your participation.

Every vote counts...