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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

13 Reasons

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Great talent deserves lots of air time... (hat-tip to The Boinq)

Unfortunately some things don't translate well into English from Bahasa Malaysia - but Walski's gonna give it his best shot anyway.
(lost in translation, and more, in the full post)

Here's Walski's half-assed attempt at translating the speech, for those of you Bahasa Malaysia challenged folks...

13 Reasons to vote for The Scales

The rich get richer
The poor become destitute
Before it was for the teachers and farmers
Now it’s for the Datuk’s children and the YBs
And the cronies keep on increasing, even then they ask for “coffee money”
Famous for “Looks like me and sounds like me”
For those whose voice are loud
For those who manipulate the media
For the rising crime rate
For the growing strain in race relations
For the empty promises
For the masterminds behind the courts
For the ever increasing price of fuel...

Vote (for) The Scales

This video is one of six five, so far, produced by the creative geniuses at Youth for Change, which can be found at their YouTube page. You should check out the other ones, as well.

There's hope for the young 'uns yet...