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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Policy of Truth

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This post is dedicated to Elizabeth Wong, PKR candidate for Selangor state N37 Bukit Lanjan seat. And Eli - you should use this song for your campaign...

The lyrics have great bearing on the coming General Elections. So, for you karaoke types, Walski's included the full lyrics, for your karaoke singalong pleasure... plus some notes on the parts of the song Walski finds meaningful (which is almost all of it).
(sing-a-long with Depeche Mode, in the full post)

The bolded and colored parts are the ones that particularly struck Walski as being relevant to the ongoing GE2008 campaign. It's particularly directed at BN, in case you weren't aware... Walski can be mysteriously vague sometimes...

Policy of Truth
(Depeche Mode)

You had something to hide
Should have hidden it, shouldnt you
Now youre not satisfied
With what youre being put through

Its just time to pay the price
For not listening to advice
And deciding in your youth
On the policy of truth

Things could be so different now
It used to be so civilised

You will always wonder how
It could have been if youd only lied

Its too late to change events
Its time to face the consequence
For delivering the proof
In the policy of truth

Never again
Is what you swore
The time before

Never again
Is what you swore
The time before

Now youre standing there tongue tied
Youd better learn your lesson well
Hide what you have to hide
And tell what you have to tell

Youll see your problems multiplied
If you continually decide
To faithfully pursue
The policy of truth

Never again
Is what you swore
The time before
Never again
Is what you swore
The time before

(lyrics source: LyricsFreak)

To Walski, BN's "Policy of Truth" has been one that involves obfuscation and half-truths - telling only the portions of the truth that make 'em look good, and pooh-pooh'ing the rest. And swearing "never again" refers to the promises made (and pretty much not kept) back in 2004.

Come to think of it, "never again is what you swore the time before" could also refer to those who blindly voted BN back, in 2004. Perhaps, out of the hope that with Pak Lah, after Mahathir, we would be better off. Kicking yourselves now, aren't you? BNBad habits are truly hard to break...

It's funny ain't it, how art imitates life sometimes...