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Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Granny Awards...

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... and other equally fucked up GE2008 news

Walski's pre-post note: Some of these items are a few days old, but since Walski was traversing continents the past week, hopefully you forgive him for the slight slack...

If there ever were an award for Most Outstanding Senior in a National Election, Walski would give it to this lady. An 89 year old in Parliament... yeah, just what this country needs (hat-tip: Hopeful Pessimist).

Don't get Walski wrong - he's got nothing against old people, and Walski commends granny on her determination for her voice to be heard - but as it is, we already have a nanny government, do you think we need a granny government now? And having a multitude of Datuks in the august house doesn't equate to needing Neneks, just for the sake of gender equality...

So, what's this about cycling her way to Parliament? There is this thing called... the bus. Or, maybe granny can't afford a ticket, since she's blown 10 grand to get nominated. Damn... cycling to parliament's gonna be a herculean task - bad enough when you're fit. Does Walski smell a ploy to split the KT vote here?
(more WTF GE2008 news, in the full post)

And then there's the mystery of the bagged body in the Puteri UMNO bus luggage compartment.

Somebody should've told 'em chicks that the dead voters are required during the polls, and not on nomination day... talk about jumping the gun... over-eager these chicks are... Or is it a case of premature poll deception?

But taking the WTF award has to be this ultimatum, issued by Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman.

Now, allow Walski to attempt sorting out this logic tangle-fest:

the two opposition haven't done anything for their community since being elected
the Chief Minister will not give the time of day to any elected opposition members
BN is determined to bring change to the people
therefore: the people must vote BN back in, otherwise there will not be any development.

Okay, that's pretty clear. Musa Aman is one gangster of a politician who uses threats to coerce support... Hey! Just like MIC! Must be part of this "winning BN formula" that these fucktards keep harping about... Vote for us, OR ELSE!

Well, one week away, folks... you know the drill...