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Friday, February 29, 2008

MIC sCares...

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Updated @ 7:27pm February 29: Updates can be found in the full post.

Original post:
Yes, sports fans, Walski is back home, after a grueling 21 hours (total) flying, 20 hours in transit, and 24 hours in Sudan. And guess what he finds upon his return home?

Image hosting by PhotobucketMIC sCares...
(original image from Malaysiakini)

In the best Tamil film melodrama, no less... Vote for us... OR ELSE! Doesn't this contravene some election law or something?

Some people seem to be getting pretty desperate, Walski reckons...
(updated portion, in the full post)

Well, what can Walski say, really? The tactic of extortionist politicking has been the standard procedure for a long time. The only difference here is that MIC has gone out and put it on paper... a full page's worth.

Here, by the way, is a two part feature from Al-Jazeera, ZAMbie's favorite international news network, focusing on the 12th General Elections. In this episode of 101 East, the usual hanky panky by the MSM is highlighted, not giving equal access to the opposition, a screwy electoral roll... all the ingredients necessary for a great Malaysian General Election.

Part 1

Being a (real) world-class news organization (as opposed to the no-class Malaysian ones), Al-Jazeera gave equal time to the incumbent government viewpoint.

Part 2

Walski doesn't know if this episode of 101 East was allowed to be aired on Astro or not. And of course, the blame for the harsh action has been put on... yup, you guessed it, the people. Like you and Walski. Apparently we are the ones that asked for the police to act harshly against any street protests.

Funny, but Walski doesn't recall ever authorizing any police action on anyone...

But then again, what did you expect Najib to say. After all, once a person is elected under the BN ticket, that person essentially checks in his/her conscience at the door, and must toe the BN line. No matter how dubious that line may be at times. We've certainly seen enough of that in Parliament.

The peoples' voice is only needed by BN once every 4 to 5 years... sort of like an admission fee, if you would. Once in the concert arena, the people's voice won't be heard from again, until the next 4 to 5 years, when BN wants another ticket to the show. That's democracy, Malysian style.

But truth be told, since we (some of us, anyway) have been dumb enough to vote the same way, time and time again, we really have ourselves to blame. Had enough yet? Noooo... come election time, guess what? We vote same 'ol, same 'ol.

Well, nevermind the MIC sCare tactics, or the glitzy airtime spots on every terrestial TV and radio channel that BN's paid for... likely with some of OUR money... you know what you gotta do come March 8, right?

Change doesn't happen top-down... it's a bottom up thing. MIC realizes this, and so does the rest of BN - which explains the sCare tactics. And if Islamization is what sCares you, it's probably not PAS that we should be worried about at this particular juncture. PAS, as far as Walski knows, did not endorse the exclusivist PEMBELOT demands that went out last week.

So, people... are you sCared yet - enough to buy the promises BN's scampered to offer? Or do you think that enough is enough?