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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Confessions of a Virgin Voter

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Well, the deed is done. And by now most of the polling stations would have been closed, except those that had their hours extended, for one reason or another.

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Walski's back home after casting his votes for the Selangor N18 Hulu Kelang and P098 Gombak contests, where he is registered to vote.

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As Walski had mentioned earlier, today was Walski's first time voting in a GE. And the expectation was that there would be loads of people, and he was prepared for a long wait. Well, surprisingly, the wait wasn't long at all.

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Walski was in and out within 10 minutes!

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So having loads of time to spare, Walski and the Mrs decided to walk around the neighborhood for a look-see at the various booths set up by BN, PAS and PKR, all three of whom were contesting.
(neighborhood look-see pix, in the full post)

Walski is happy to report that the rivalry between the various parties, in the AU5 area of Ulu Kelang where he voted today, was a friendly rivalry. There was one banner, however, that caught Walski's attention.

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Yesterday, Walski got an SMS informing him of the same thing. Walski's sure some of you may have gotten it, too. Well, as far as Walski could tell, in the area where he voted, no such "instant IC vans" could be spotted - unless they were disguised as trees...

The highlight of today's voting had to be Walski spotting a very familiar face.

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The real article was nowhere around, however.

But along the main road (behind where the kids are in the photo), Walski could see supporters from all 3 contending parties go up and down the road, with the flag waving, honking and waving... Visually, it did seem like the contest for election-fever eye candy and mindshare was pretty equal.

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Having said that, however, Walski got the feeling that while the atmosphere was very hospitable in his old neighborhood today, he sensed an air of anticipation among the residents.

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Enough, as they say, is enough...

Well, Walski is proud to say that he did his little part in what little democracy we have in this country. And now comes the waiting period when we find out the results, the first of which should be coming in just over an hour from now...

And the confession part? No, Walski's not gonna tell you who he voted for.... Let's just say that today, Walski voted for a better Malaysia... enough of a clue? No? Well, tough...

Incidentally, Walski will be blogging from Blog House later this evening... Anticipation, like misery, loves company. And what better company than with Walski's blogger brethren to see the outcome of this historical day... the day Walski lost his voting virginity...