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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Immaculate Misconception

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Look the term "Immaculate Misconception" up in Google, and you're likely to find all kinds of references to books, films and articles. Well, none of those apply here.

Dissecting the term, though, it would be fair to guess that this post could be about virgin non-births, which is more common than you think. Unfortunately, no - it's not about that either.

So, what the heck is this post about? Walski won't explain the term directly. Instead, why don't you try figuring it out through some examples of Immaculate Misconceptions. The ones Walski presents here are mostly Malaysia-centric, so his apologies in advance to Walski's international readers of non-Malaysian origin. And Homersapiens - Walski's truly sorry that you're dumber than a door knob.

Example #1 - 2/3 majority is required to form a government
Well, BN may want you to believe this, but in reality, a simple majority in Parliament is all it takes to form a government. Actually, the 2/3 majority in Parliament thingy is more to do with passing a bill or resolution, or approving a Constitutional amendment. Get the picture? Some might argue without a 2/3 majority the incumbent BN-led government would not be able to function properly. Well, Walski argues that even with the 2/3 majority, of late, the government is behaving pretty dysfunctional anyways... And it's time to put BN back in its place - as a party for the people, not inspite of 'em.

Example #2 - Public demonstrations and rallies are inherrently violent
Definitely not true, but repeat the mantra of this immaculate misconception, and it's likely you'll start believing it, too. The recent rallies turned ugly for one of two reasons: agents provocateur sabotaging it, or because the police decided to turn on the water cannon faucets, and tear gas air fresheners. And then, the ugliness gets blamed on the demonstrators.

Example #3 - There is no provision in the constitution for the use of indellible ink
The brilliant Aisehman found out that there are provisions within existing laws that arguably allow for the use of indellible ink for the purpose of marking a voter who's already voted. Which means that not only is the EC guilty of propogating an immaculate misconception, but is further proof that

  1. they are incredibly stupid beyond belief, or
  2. there actually is a good case for claiming collusion between the EC and the incumbent BN-led government

(more misconceptions, immaculately in the full post)

Example #4 - Voting for the Opposition means you're un-Patriotic
Unless someone can point Walski to some place in the Federal Constitution that says only BN can rule, this is definitely a false statement. But who knows? Given a perpetual 2/3 majority for eternity, it could happen. And voting BN, for no other reason than because your parents, grandparents and your entire extended family do, doesn't mean you're patriotic either. It just means you're a parrot.

Example #5 - Barisan Nasional has ruled this country well for over 50 years
In the first place, there was no such thing as Barisan Nasional prior to 1973. This little bit of historical trivia is something that some people would prefer you didn't know. So, at best, Barisan Nasional has ruled Malaysia for over 34 years.

Example #6 - Voting for change, if successful, means that change happens instantaneously
Not on this planet, unfortunately. Unless you find a way to create a worm hole into the future, and transport the entire present there. Yes, change takes time. But for change to take effect, there must be change in the first place. Changing something to the very same thing we're trying to change from, is not change.

Example #7 - Money doesn't grow on trees
Simple reasoning tells us otherwise. What is money printed on? Paper (except lately). What is paper made of? Trees. QED.

Example #8 - Malaysia will run out of Oil in 2011

Unfortunately some people who are way too stupid to become ministers Homersapiens actually become ministers. Malaysia, in actual fact, is expected to be a net Oil & Gas importer by 2011. Which essentially means we'll be importing more than we produce. It's just that some idiots in high places can't tell the difference. Hopefully one of the morons who voted this idiot into office will be reading this post.

Example #9 - Barisan Nasional fought for our independence
Another historical impossibility (see example #5) - unless BN transported itself back in time, to before 1957. In which case, they'd probably be arrested, en masse, as dangerous dissidents. A novel idea to get rid of them, though...

Walski wanted to make it an even 10 examples, but he reckons you get the picture. And Walski is in a hurry... gotta go make history.

Happy voting, people!