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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dumb Eye

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Update @ December 23, 2007 1959 hrs: Results and analysis of the poll can be found here.

They say they speak on the behalf of the silent majority of Malaysians. And it's gotten Marina really, really riled up.

I'm sorry, who are Damai Malaysia and who are the supposed 395 NGOs represented by them? Where is the list of those NGOs? So far the ones mentioned are all related to political parties which, in my book, don't count as NGOs.

Secondly, where do they get off saying that they represent the silent majority? Were YOU asked? I'm sorry, I haven't said much but I am NOT represented by this Damai lot. Who the hell is Mohd Saiful Adil Mohd Daud anyway?

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And Walski, also, to an extent. But he will reserve his comments for the time being. For a clue, however, of who Damai Malaysia might be, Walski found out earlier. See "When Spin goes into Overdrive", where Walski shares some information that he found online. Essentially, all the NGOs are closely linked to BN and the government, so their little stunt doesn't surprise Walski one iota.

Which brings us to Walski's new poll, which is at the top of the left side bar. Do you feel you are part of the "silent majority" that Damai Malaysia claims to represent?
(close one Dumb Eye, and more, in the full post)

More importantly, get as many people as you know to participate in this poll. The more Malaysians contribute, the more validity the poll results will have. Seriously, Walski wants to know what you think. Please feel free to post a link to either the poll home page, to this post, or just to this blog.

The poll will be up until midnight next Sunday (December 23rd, 2007), so there's lots of time still. Hopefully the poll can get a sufficiently large respondent size to make the results more representative of real viewpoints. Once the results are in, Walski will then share what he thinks.

So, go tell your friends, family, neigbors... even your enemies, if you like... to take the! What are you waiting for?