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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Poll Position: Foregone Dumb Eye Conclusion

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Final Update @ 1848hrs December 26, 2007: Just in case you were wondering here is the final tally of votes after the closing of the poll (no big surprise, in any case).

Total Votes: 3590
Yes: 2.3% (or 83 votes)
No: 19.6% (or 704 votes)
Who the hell are Damai Malaysia and why are they speaking on my behalf? (which also equates to a NO vote): 78.1% (or 2804 votes)

So, a total of 97.7% of those who voted do not agree with what Damai Malaysia is claiming... which, as Walski said is no big surprise.

Original Post:
Although there's about another 30+ hours, give or take, before the poll actually closes at midnight on Sunday, Walski thought that he'd go ahead and do this post now. For a couple of reasons. The first is more logistics-driven - there might not be time available to do it after the poll actually closes. The second reason - quite frankly, Walski's a little tired of the whole Dumb Eye thing, and wants to have some closure on it, so that he can move on to better things to whine about...

Plus, Walski just completed the translation of the Damai Malaysia memo, from Bahasa Malaysia into English, which Walski wants to post as soon as possible, and the poll closure report would be the best time to do it. The full memo translation (and Walski's wise-ass comments) can be read in the full post.

Okay, there's actually another reason - having monitored the poll for about a week or so, the ratio of vote distribution between the three answers has remained virtually unchanged, and Walski doesn't expect a big swing between now and when the poll closes. So, the results of the poll, at this late stage, is not very much different than when Walski last posted the interim results, at least not the response distribution.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe poll results - quite what Walski had expected

While Walski will admit that this poll is not anywhere as scientific as, say the polls done by the Merdeka Center, or the Gallup Organization, it does give general indication of how 'Net-enabled Malaysians view Damai Malaysia. And in short, the conclusion that Walski makes is that Damai, or Dumb Eye, Malaysia DOES NOT represent the sentiments of ordinary Malaysians (at least the online ones), and is probably a staged political ploy to justify the use of the accursed Internal Security Act, as Walski had earlier guessed.

One thing though - the total votes cast far exceeds the number of respondents for the Gallup poll announced earlier, which indicated that Malaysians are happy with our democracy. By almost a third. Again, Walski has no guarantee that individuals did not vote more than once, although some basic safeguards were put in place. Then again, from the start, Walski has been referring to it as a "straw poll", which means that you can't really get scientifically or statistically accurate results - just a feel for the general sentiments of Malaysians.

About a week ago, Marina M. posted the contents of the memorandum that Dumb Eye handed over to the PM. Her conclusion is that Dumb Eye Malaysia, and what they supposedly stand for, are in denial. Walski thinks so, too, but in addition, that this coalition is so obviously contrived to suit the purposes of BN, that they come off as being delusional.
(the Dumb Eye Memorandum translation, and more, in the full post)

"I don't know about you guys but I don't see what this has to do with reality. It's as if there are no issues at all, and certainly none that can be discussed openly. Also it makes it sound as if anyone who wants to discuss real issues also doesn't want peace, prosperity and stability for our country. Excuse me!"
(source: Rantings by Marina M)

Well, Marina is obviously riled by the memo. And what does this memo say, exactly? You can read the original Bahasa Malaysia version on Marina's blog. What you will find below is Walski's English translation, complete with some biting comments, Walski-style, which you'll find in this color.


Freedom, prosperity and stability that we have experienced all this while are the most important assets, produced through the struggle of our earlier leaders, based on the principles of compromise, mutual respect based on Malay culture and bound by a Social Contract that was agreed upon by all races, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.
No real argument from Walski, except... which Federal Constitution? The Federal Constitution of 1957, to-date, has been amended some 40 times thereabouts. So which version of the Constitution do you mean? Because, the current one in itself has betrayed the so-called "Social Contract" you people so often love to blab about.
The principles of compromise, cooperation and power sharing among the races, which has proven to successfully united all the races, is the key foundation that must be defended. Any actions that are detrimental to the stability of the Nation is a threat that must be overcome immediately.

And what if those actions are a result of state policies? In particular, state policies which have been abused to only benefit one racial/religious segment of society? Are these folks blind, or simply turning a dumb eye?

As a country that practices Parliamentary Democracy:

Θ The right to freedom of expression for all parties must be respected, but at the same time must be based on the law and permitted channels

In other words, the right to freedom of expression, PROVIDED the expression is one of blind-eye allegience, based on archaic laws which go against internationally recognized tenets of human rights.

Θ The people can determine the country’s leadership through elections, whereby each person has the right to vote. The use of force, as well as inviting foreign powers to interfere, is considered treason to the country.

And what if the election laws, or more accurately, execution of those election laws, are biased towards one party only? As it is, Government media machinery has been thoroughly abused, acting as campaign channels for BN, come election time. No airtime is given to other parties competing. So, are you oblivious to this fact, or are you just playing the obedient, dumb sycophant?

Θ Every Malaysian citizen has the freedom to seek wealth and education without any discrimination and caste system, which differentiate by ancestry and religious belief, plus the liberty to live life without obstruction.

This is perhaps one of the most blatant, obliviously ignorant statement in the entire memo. The NEP, or abuse of it, has created exactly the situation of discrimination and "caste system" that goes contrary to the very ideals that Dumb Eye Malaysia holds. Or are they actually calling upon the Government to abolish the NEP? To quote Nazi Nazri: Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Based upon these certainties, therefore,

‘DAMAI MALAYSIA’ as a mass movement across political beliefs, across racial boundaries, across borders and across self-interest, resolves to:

1. Continue to champion the right to free speech, according to the allowances given by the law, as has been practiced all along

As long as said free speech is in support, and not critical of, the Government...

2. Be determined to re-empower the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among races

3. Be committed to the effort of rejecting any culture and practice that can potentially destroy harmony between races

So, does this include state-supported policies of discrimination and intolerance? And are they calling for the repeal of the NEP, which is a practice (and potential abuse) that can destroy harmony between races? If so, then perhaps Dumb Eye can rightfully state their claim to speak on behalf of all Malaysians. Otherwise, this is nothing more than hot air, and they can go fuck themselves...

4. Ensure Malaysia remains as a country that is peaceful and progressive

5. Defend the political stability and spirit of solidarity that will take Malaysia to greater heights in time to come.

No argument from Walski, except for the insinuation that this is only achievable with undivided support for the ruling party, BN. In fact, the way things are being mishandled these days, Walski has doubts that BN is even capable anymore. Many are becoming more and more fed up with the empty promises, and a still under-performing "delivery system" that the Government keeps on harping about...

6. Reject any effort to discuss sensitive issues that involve race and religion openly, including through political street demonstrations.

How on earth do you expect issues to get resolved if they are not discussed openly and intelligently? Sweeping "sensitive issues" under the carpet is exactly what has gotten us into the mess that is Malaysia today. What a bunch of delusional psycho-pants wearing sycophants...

7. Ensure that the Malaysia we love continues to life exuberantly



Θ Will continue to be committed to strengthen the practice of tolerance and cooperation between races, for the country’s future

Θ Will continue to be the promoters of a culture of responsible democracy, particularly among the younger generation of Malaysians

Responsible democracy, in the real world, means many things that Dumb Eye is against, including unemcumbered freedom of expression, peaceful demonstrations, and free and fair elections. Since Dumb Eye is also implicitly against the initiative that Bersih stands for, what the fuck kind of responsible democracy are they talking about, exactly? Again, sycophant speech from delusional people wearing psycho-pants...

Θ Will continue, with the nation’s leadership, to contribute towards the building of Malaysia together

Implicitly, they are saying either you're with BN, or you're against peace and prosperity... Bah Humbug! Walski would like to add that Damai Malaysia will probably not be heard from again anytime in the near future...

With this, we as “DAMAI MALAYSIA”, unanimously will

1. Continue to respect the Supremacy of the Constitution

How? By allowing it to be trampled upon and amended, at will, as and when the incumbent Government feels the need?

2. Reject any political street demonstrations

Unless, of course, they are organized, or sanctioned by, BN and parties friendly to it.

3. Fight the use of religious and racial issues as tools to incite hatred amongst races

Even if the issues are REAL issues? So, are we simply to bend over and take it up the ass like good citizens?

4. Condemn any individual/organization that uses fraud, lies, sedition, and drags in foreign powers to interfere with the nation’s internal issues

Walski would really like to see Dumb Eye come out with a statement of principal when the fraud and lies are those coming from the Government... Naah... won't ever happen...

5. Condemn the insolent acts of accusing the country’s leadership, led by Malays, as carrying out ethnic cleansing, whereas all races get equitable treatment.

Are you fuckers delusional, or what? "... all races get equitable treatment..." In Malaysia? Or that unseen dimension that you people seem to be living in?

In real democracies, which obviously doesn't include Malaysia, dissent is seen as character building feedback from the people. In Malaysia, it's seen as a national security issue. In fact, more and more things are being declared national security issues these days...

The more Walski thinks about it, the more Malaysia seems like a communist dictatorship, where only the state, and state alone is right, all the time. Dissent is seen as dangerous to the position of the government and must be crushed, all all costs. And only the majority voice of those in support of the government has any credence... Walski recalls a certain minister voicing out that views of the opposition simply "do not matter".

In this tin-pot democracy, the only thing remotely democratic is the elections that happen every four to five years. Even then, the rules and regulations surrounding the elections are heavily favored to the incumbent BN government, like the restricted period of campaigning, the lack of equal airtime on public media... And once elected, MP's are expected not to serve the people's interest first, but that of their party, even if the party's stand is detrimental to the well-being of the people.

And that folks, in a nut-shell, is what Dumb Eye is all about. Based on the composition, Walski already guessed that this collective was no more than a staged political entity to justify actions the government wanted to take, namely invoking the ISA on the Hindraf 5, and in general, crushing any dissent. Now, having read their memorandum, Walski's convinced that he guessed right.

An informed citizenry is a citizenry that can best make the correct decisions pertaining to their future. Well, take it that you have been informed. And if you feel, now that you've read the memo, you actually think Dumb Eye speaks for you, you still have time to change your vote (you have till midnight tomorrow).

But somehow Walski reckons the results, in the end, will be pretty much unchanged from what you see above. Some may want us to turn a dumb eye, but the truth, in the end, sets itself apart from lies and deceit... and ultimately, will set us free.